Our Story

Sometimes hockey Twitter can be a terribly unappealing place. Fights, bullying, sexism, ignorance all melding together into one giant dumpster fire.  It’s a place that will drive you nuts if you give it the opportunity. That said, once you weed out as much of the filth as you can, there is a subsection of hockey Twitter that is knowledgeable, tolerant and a lot of fun to interact with. There is a community there, some are bloggers, some are professional journalists, some are simply fans but all share the most basic common attribute, a love for the game of hockey.

The Bloggers’ Tribune has been created with the goal of giving this community something to talk about. A place for hockey content that doesn’t have to fit into a mold. If you want opinions from your favourite bloggers? We’ve got it. Hot taeks from your least favourite bloggers? You’d better believe we’ve got those too. We look to build a group of diverse voices that will hopefully spark discussions, educated wherever possible and hopefully entertain the pants off of you.

While the focus will mainly be on hockey, we reserve the right to babble on about other topics from time to time but the theme remains the same, a blog for us to share what we want, when we want and hopefully delight a few readers along the way. Through differing voices and diverse perspectives, we hope to help provoke discussion within the hockey community.

The Bloggers’ Tribune hopes to be a place of fun, knowledge and the occasional (ok maybe more than occasional) hot takes. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and the hope is that while you enjoy what we do, you won’t take us too seriously either. Blogging is supposed to be an outlet for your thoughts, a way to express oneself and engage with others. That’s what we hope to rekindle here and we thank you for coming along for the ride.

From Jon…

I think Tom really covered the heart of what we’re trying to do here. After being involved with breaking news posts, pregames, post games, and all kinds of filler content that goes a long with being on a Network site, personally I find it appealing to go back to writing on a site that is just about doing what we want to do.

This takes us away from schedule/job feel of writing. It also allows us to spend a bit more time on developing the ideas that we are really interested in. I’m also excited that it means that there aren’t any filters on us any more, and we can say what we want. We fuck, shit, piss, damn well want.

Ultimately, I hope that we have a few others join us on this site because the vision is that by having a bunch of people who don’t necessarily want to be writing every day, we’ll still have enough content going up on this site that you can check back every day and find something new. If the idea of being a part of this is appealing to you, we definitely want you to contact us.

Since introductory posts are generally insufferable, I hope we’ll have this nice and buried under some content for you soon, and between the draft lottery and CHL Playoffs I feel pretty confident that we’ll have worthwhile #content soon enough.



  1. Can you gentlemen do an article on the leagues outside the NHL and their rankings. There seems to be many opinions regarding how LiIGA compares to Switzerland’s NLA and the difficulty of competition. Has the competition Matthews played againstin the NLA been substantially inferior or comparable to that of Puljujärvi and Laine in LIIGA?



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