Consolidated Rankings Updated With Bob McKenzie’s List

By #jontent (@yakovmironov)

Earlier this month we ran The Bloggers’ Tribune Consolidated Draft Rankings. It was 10,000 words long, it was filled with a ton of information on prospects, trends in the draft rankings, analysis on who the different talent groups that exist within the first round of the draft and more. I think it was pretty good, and you can find it


One of the things we promised to do in that post was to provide an update on those rankings as soon as Bob McKenzie’s rankings came out. They came out yesterday, so your update is here today.

Before getting into our update, I want to first encourage everyone to check out and use Platinum Seat Ghost’s 2016 Draft Tool. It is absolutely beautiful work that incorporates similar rankings to those found on this site, but with North American Central Scouting and The Hockey News included instead of DraftBuzz Hockey. It’s a wonderful way to absorb a ton of draft information all in one place.

The Update


Bob McKenzie’s list is created in a similar fashion to how Sportnet creates their list, and that’s by polling professional scouts (10 to be exact) on their draft order. So this isn’t Bob McKenzie’s personal list, it’s the list you get from Bob McKenzie having the best scouting connections in hockey.

Generally this list is pretty close to what we had for the Consolidated Rankings, but it seems to reflect a greater interest in drafting defensemen in the first round that the non team employed scouts lists.

  • Both Logan Stanley and Dennis Cholowski are higher than the Consolidated list
  • Lucas Johansen, Kale Clague, and Libor Hajek are in the top 30 in exchange for Alexander DeBrincat, Vitali Abramov, and Pascal Laberge, a sign that we may see a run on defensemen in the 20-40 range.

Not surprising the list is relatively free from hot takes, but the closest we come to that is DeBrincat being excluded, though two other publications have excluded him as well. And including Hajek, who didn’t wind up on any other top 30 lists, although he was in the Consolidated Top 30 for much of the season.

The only player in the top 30 that McKenzie was notably higher on than other scouting services was Julien Gauthier, who had slid with most services, include McKenzie’s list, but he didn’t fall as far, since NHL scouts still love that size.


As you can see there hasn’t been a whole lot of movement outside of Chychrun’s decline and with DeBrincat being at 30th overall at the midterms, it’s not really a shock that he didn’t make the final cut. Looking at McKenzie’s full list of 80 prospects you can those who fell out of the top 30 from the midterm didn’t actually fall that far.

Once Again…

Here is your Final The Bloggers’ Tribune Consolidated Draft List


It will be interesting to see how close this will be on Friday. Personally I’m expecting the top 20 to be fairly close, but all hell to break lose with the final 10.

I encourage you to check out:

Our full Consolidated Rankings Post

Platinum Seat Ghost’s 2016 Draft Tools (seriously, this is great. You’ve just read about the draft so I know you’ll be interested in these.)


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