2017 NHL Entry Draft: Early Consolidated Rankings

By Tom Hunter (@PuckDontLie)

Just when you think the internet’s favourite consolidated draft rankings had gone by the wayside, we come back with a blaze of glory.

Each season it seems there are more and more ‘scouting services’ out there providing lists of the top draft-eligible prospects. Last season, the one and only @YakovMironov began publishing his consolidated draft list to make things easier and give everyone a more focused look on how draft lists are looking. This year, Jon has bigger and better things to do (eating tubes of icing sugar and swooning over Edmonton’s new Ice District) so I have decided to take over the task of providing the internet with the world’s best consolidated draft list.

Where do the rankings come from?

As of now, I am using the draft list from eight different services – I will be adding Bob McKenzie to the group once he publishes a list. I have taken the top-31 from each list and have awarded points per ranking – 31 points for 1st, 30 points for second, etc. (ex. Nolan Patrick is first on 7 lists and 2nd on the other so he has 247 points)

In full disclosure, this early list is a little warped. Some (ESPN) haven’t updated their list since before the season started so we are likely to see some drastic changes once they update in the new year.


The List

For this early edition, I will just give you the list. As the season goes on, much more analysis will be added in as things get updated.

Nolan Patrick is still viewed as the top prospect by everyone other than McKeens – they have Swiss forward Nico Hischier at the top of their list.

We might see others drop Patrick as he continues to miss time with what the team is calling an upper-body injury. The young forward had sports hernia surgery this past offseason and some believe that he will eventually need to have the other side repaired – something that would cost him the rest of his season. If Patrick doesn’t play another game this season, we could be looking at an Alex Galchenyuk situation come draft time.

Partick is still likely to be the first player selected next June, but what was once a lock is now becoming a little uncertain.


Hnourable Mentions: Isaac Ratcliffe, Ivan Lodnia, Mackenzie Entwistle, Dmitri Samorukov, Scott Reedy, Ostap Safin, Henri Jokiharju.


If nothing else, this list shows just how much parity exists in this year’s draft. Unlike the past few years, there is not that distinct group of top-3 or 5 players at the top. There is Nolan Patrick and then everyone else. Swedish center Elias Pettersson is the perfect example of this. He is ranked as high as 3rd and yet two lists don’t even have him in the top-31.

Only 18 of the top-31 prospects were listed on all eight lists. This means that we are likely to see a number of players fall in and our of first round projections from now until draft time.

This is a weaker draft than the past few and a year in which general managers are going to have to trust their advisors completely. Come draft day we could see some ‘crazy’ picks, but given the nature of this year’s prospect crop, it will be hard to view and pick as a reach.





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