NHL Valentines Day Cards

By Ryan Noble (@ryannoble66) of A Very Barrie Colts Blog

We thought it might be fun to make NHL themed Valentines day cards. Are you looking for the proper words to describe to that special NHL fan in your life to let them know how much they mean to you? Well, we do to. Send them one of these and maybe they will laugh hard enough to forget that you put next to no thought into it!

For the greatest love of all:



For those who like a little more flair in their game:



For when you know you shouldn’t love them, but you can’t help it:



For that young and exciting love:



For when people don’t realize just how great the love can be:



For that once in a lifetime kind of love:



When you just want to score:



When they’re better than the rest:



For the most valuable love of all:



For when you want to Bunch Mox:






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