Hockey Twitter Bracket: Day One Results & Day Two Matchups

By @yakovmironov

Day one provided a lot of assurances that I can in fact seed a bracket, as it was a day completely absent of upsets.

That’s not to say that it wasn’t exciting, as Bobby Ryan’s Corsica tweet and the follow up “Just Win Baby” did battle into the 11th hour, before Corsica finally triumphed.

The closest thing we had to an upset was 9th seed, Manny’s Salad taking down Travis Yost’s take on Ribs (8th seed). The fact that it was done in such a dominating fashion and that there were more votes cast in this poll than any other certainly makes Manny’s Salad one to watch in the next round as it goes up against the top ranked tweet, Avs PDO.

The Final Results are of Day One can be seen on our updated bracket

Now on to the Day two matchups. Remember, you can find a more detailed breakdown of all  the tweets here.

#ActuallyGood Region

(1) Piss Nachos vs. (16) Trying to Name Senators


(2) Oh Shit, Boston Could Get… vs (15) Boston Could Get… (remix)


(3) After Emerson Etem… vs. (14) Jim Benning Right Now



(4) LA Kings Goaltending vs. (13) “Where is Ronald Reagan?



(5) PHIL! vs. (12) Authentic St. Louis Pizza



(6) Kessels Having Fun vs. (11) Bidini’s Dead Soldiers


(7) Canadians are Aggressive vs. (10) New Canadian Anthem



(8) OT Playoff Hockey vs. (9) Scenic Buffalo




The Ice District Region

(1) Hall’s Boat Exam vs. (16) Simmons Wants a Diet Coke



(2) Rearview Mirror vs. (15) Bidini’s PSB PSA



(3) Kessel’s Evening Plans vs. (14) Fire Carlyle Voices



(4) Right In My Analysis vs. (13) The Hall Trade Was Actually…



(5) Eberle vs. Hall at Hangman vs. (12) Mike Babcock Wants $$$



(6) Terry Jones Takes a Dump vs. (11) Crosby Passes the Torch



(7) “Welcome to Edmonton vs. (10) Lou vs. Pregame Sausage



(8) Play Hockey, Not School vs. (9) ROR for Masterton


It looks like we are well on our way to a very entertaining second round where the decisions won’t get any easier. Almost an hour into Day 2 it looks like we will see our first true upset in this bracket and a number of close battles.


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