Hockey Twitter Bracket: Start of Round Two & Updated Results

By @yakovmironov

As the first round closed, I saw myself get bounced from my own bracket. That’s pretty harsh. Of course I also voted for “After Emerson Etem…” too, but I appreciate everyone who helped my Jim Benning tweet reach 48% and make for the closest matchup of day two.

Day two also saw our first “upset” as “Crosby passing the torch to Giroux” (11th seed) beat out Terry Jones’ excitement over pooping in the press box in Rexall Place (6th seed). The argument can and should be made that the Crosby/Giroux tweet was seeded far too low, but I admit I have a bias towards poop.

Your full first round results are here:

It’s about to get real as some favourites are bound to fall in the next few days and the second round voting is already seeing strong showings from the lower seeds.

Today’s Matchups:

Computer Boy Region




Sliding Into Your DMs Region




If you are looking for some context to these tweets, you can find the full breakdown here.

In other corners of the hockey world, the OHL regular season has come to an end and some of our friends have given their picks for the league’s year-end awards.

Also while you’re on the site, check out Tom’s OHL Playoff Predictions for the Eastern Conference. It’s playoff hockey time and there are oodles of important prospects to watch.

Happy Voting!


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