Hockey Twitter Bracket: Elite 8

By @yakovmironov

I think I speak for most people when I say that it’s nice to be nearing the end of this. It’s been a long process, but the idea of having closure this week is exciting.

The weekend saw the first of our #1 seeds fall, as Taylor Hall’s Boat Exam was upset by Taylor Hall playing Hangman with Jordan Eberle. While the Boat Exam is a personal favourite of mine, knowing that Hall is still well represented here makes the loss easier to deal with.

Some might feel robbed that Jamie Benn prevented us from having a Cox vs. Simmons dueling DM Fails matchup, but I’ve come around to appreciate that Elite 8 has more variety because of this. And after defeating Simmons, and Kypreos, there is no doubt that Benn’s tweet has had to fight hard to get to this point.

Regional Final Matchups (tweets and context here)





Vote Early, Vote Often. Final Four starts tomorrow.


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