2017-18 OHL Season Predictions

It’s back! OHL preseason is underway and it’s only another couple of weeks before the regular season starts. That means it’s time for our pre-season predictions – please ignore how wrong we were this time last year.

This year we’ve assembled a great group that may or may not be a little biased towards certain teams.

Tom (@PuckDontLie) – Bias: Oshawa Generals

Jon (@YakovMironov ) – Bias: The WHL

Adam (@ElSeldo) – Bias: Niagara Ice Dogs

Ryan (@ryannoble66) – Bias: Barrie Colts

The Toast & Steve (@ohlfanboys) – Bias: Windsor Spitfires & Guelph Storm

Jamie () – Bias: Oshawa

Division winners


Tom: Oshawa

Seldo: Sadly, Oshawa

Jon: Oshawa

Ryan: I don’t want to say Oshawa, so I won’t..

The Toast: Man, I dunno. Does it really matter? Ottawa, I guess.

Jamie: Oshawa



Tom: Mississauga

Seldo: Niagara will surprise everyone and not finish 1st, it will most likely be the ScaredyFish.

Jon: Mississauga

Ryan: I’m sure everyone expects the Colts blogger to pick Barrie and because I am a pleaser I am going with Barrie. Or Mississauga. It will probably be Mississauga.

The Toast: FUN FACT! Only two teams that have ever won the Central division has even gone on to be OHL champion. One of them was fucking Guelph. Mississauga’s gonna win it again, and once again stand as the East’s best chance at a title, but no OHL champions in 17 years is pretty damn pathetic. [Fuck London, twice – seldo]

Jamie: Mississauga, but it will be close with McLeod in the NHL for a while



Tom: Owen Sound

Seldo: Kitchener, unless they feel like copying the New York Rangers completely and just finish where they finish in the NHL.

Jon: London

Ryan: Owen Sound will come out on top of the Midwest.

The Toast: NOT GUELPH LOL! Erie’s finally not gonna win 50 games, which is nice, and London is always gonna London, but I think Owen Sound’s got a real chance. Kitchener’s a dark horse too.

Jamie: Owen Sound, although they’ll wish that they didn’t bet on Zack Bowman as their starting goalie.



Tom: The Soo

Seldo: Greyhounds win, and disappoint in the playoffs yet again.

Jon: Sarnia

Ryan: The Soo.

The Toast: I hate to say it, but the West is going to be a shitshow this year. Windsor can’t shit or get off the pot deciding if they’re going to buy or sell (what else is new), Saginaw didn’t have a majority of their coaching staff until later in the summer, Sarnia is Sarnia, and Flint will forever be at a recruiting disadvantage. So I guess by default it’s the Hounds again, but look for this to be the worst division in the league.

Jamie: SSM. Blessing in disguise that Raaymakers asked for a trade, Villalta will get all the starts and be really good now.



Tom: Jordan Kyrou (Sarnia) – assuming Michael McLeod is in the NHL with the Devils

Seldo: Akil Thomas (Niagara) begins a run of three straight MVP awards

Jon: Nick Suzuki (Owen Sound)

Ryan: Nick Suzuki (Owen Sound). And no, I didn’t spell Ryan wrong there.

The Toast: Mike DiPietro (Windsor) and I don’t even care if he’s up for contention. He deserves it. [Especially after being hosed on Memorial Cup MVP – seldo]

Jamie: Jordan Kyrou


Top Goaltender

Tom: Michael DiPietro is the easy (lazy) answer, It’s going to be draft eligible Jacob Ingham in Mississauga

Seldo: Michael DiPietro (Windsor)

Jon: Michael DiPietro (Windsor)

Ryan:I want to go with a Colt but Christian Propp might not pull this off.. Everyone knows DiPietro will be the best.


Jamie:Dylan Wells


Best Defenseman

Tom: Olli Juolevi (London)

Seldo: Connor Timmins (SSM), despite being from Thorold.

Jon: Conor Timmins (SSM)

Ryan: Justin Murray (Barrie) will come out way stronger this season but Conor Timmins is a monster. Timmins will have the best season for defencemen.

The Toast: I think if Logan Stanley comes back to Kitchener he’ll finally get the praise I believe him to deserve. Also I don’t know any other defencemen by name in the OHL.

Jamie: Victor Mete


Rookie of the Year

Tom: Andrei Svechnikov (Barrie)

Seldo:  Philip Tomasino (Niagara), only if Timmy Liljegren passes on my bribe to come play for the IceDogs

Jon: Graeme Clarke (Ottawa)

Ryan: Finally a time to pick a Colt and not feel like a troll. Andrei Svechnikov will be the top rookie this season.

The Toast: Whoever got picked #1 overall? Ryan Suzuki? This is a dumb thing to predict.

Jamie: Andrei Svechnikov by a landslide


Scoring Leader

Tom: Owen Tippett (Mississauga)

Seldo: Adam Mascherin (Kitchener), because Adam’s are the best.

Jon: Andrei Svechnikov (Barrie)

Ryan: Not only will Svechnikov be the top rookie but he will score all the points. ALL. OF. THEM.

The Toast: Mike DiPietro (Windsor)

Jamie: Nick Suzuki (Owen Sound)


Best Draft Eligible

Tom: Andrei Svechnikov (Barrie)

Seldo: Akil Thomas (Niagara)

Jon: Andrei Svechnikov (Barrie)

Ryan: I can sit here all day typing Andrei Svechnikov. (Now that I can remember the correct spelling.)

Jamie: Andrei Svechnikov (Barrie)


Breakout Player

Tom: Sorren Noel (Oshawa)

Seldo: Akil Thomas (Niagara)

Jon: Ty Dellandrea (Flint)

Ryan: Kirill Nizhnikov (Barrie) will be much better this season and hopefully make me less annoyed by what the Colts gave up for him.

The Toast: Owen Tippett (Mississauga) will rule the world.

Jamie: Kyle Keyser (Oshawa). He’ll be a top 5 goalie in the OHL next year



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