2018 OHL Priority Selection Mock Draft and Scouting Reports


A special thank you to Jamie May (@JamieMay3) for his breakdown od the top prospect in this Saturday’s OHL Priority Selection draft.

OHL 1st Round Mock Draft

  1. Quinton Byfield
  2. Cole Perfetti
  3. Jamie Drysdale
  4. Antonio Stranges
  5. Evan Vierling
  6. William Cuylle
  7. Cameron Tolnai
  8. Daniil Chayka
  9. Owen Power
  10. Lleyton Moore
  11. Dylan Robinson
  12. Jean-Luc Foudy
  13. Stephen Halliday
  14. Cameron Peters
  15. Ryan O’Rourke
  16. James Hardie
  17. Ty Tullio
  18. Michael Bianconi
  19. Jake Murray
  20. Luke Evangelista

*Note: this is not taking NCAA commitments into account, nor is it anticipating which teams w ill draft these players. This is a list of how I would draft them.


Here is Jamie’s breakdown of the top prospects from the 2002 Minor Midget class.

Barrie Jr. Colts

  • #14 James Hardie (LW)
    • One of the best shots in the draft
    • Elite playmaker off the rush
    • Pure goal scorer
    • Puck off his stick in a hurry in the dangerous areas
    • Very comfortable with the puck on the side boards on the PP
    • Late 1st, early 2nd round talent
  • #7 Taylor Barnett (LW)
    • Undersized but a ball of energy
    • Great motor and plays with pace
  • #10 Rylee Hlusiak (RW)
    • Good speed
    • Thinks the game very well
    • Constantly winning battles down low
  • #8 Tyson Foerster (RC)
    • Had a really good OHL Cup
    • Volume shooter
    • High level speed in open ice
  • #44 Brayden Cunningham (LD)
    • Very responsible defensively
    • Good puck mover with a good first pass


Cambridge Hawks

  • # 11 Ben McFarlane (RW)
    • Very good at shielding the puck from defenders to maintain puck possession in the offensive zone
    • Doesn’t back down from physical play
  • # 10 Peyton Adams-Matthews (LD)
    • Loves to step up for the big hit at the blue line
    • Very physical player
  • #21 Mason Mantzavrakos (RW)
    • High hockey IQ, seems to always be in the right place at the right time
    • Plays patient with the puck


Clarington Toros

  • #71 Jack Thompson (RD)
    • Elite shot from the point that he gets off quick
    • Walks the line with confidence
    • Skates well and joins the rush with ease
    • Can get caught too deep in the O-zone and have the play go the other way at times
    • 2nd round pick potential
  • #8 Logan Gallagher (RC)
    • Small but dances with the puck
    • Very skilled
    • Good vision with the puck
  • #74 Ethan Cardwell (RC)
    • Very shifty with the puck, hard for the D to keep him in front of them
    • Good on face-offs, trusted to take them late in the game in the D-zone
    • Shows good hands that he uses to dance D-men
    • Potential steal in the 4th-5th round


Don Mills Flyers

  • #21 William Portokalis (LC)
    • High hockey IQ is very evident
    • Not the hardest shot but is accurate with it
    • High level vision that he pick the defence apart
    • 2 way player who can also make an impact in the defensive end
    • Late 2nd, early 3rd rounder
  • #16 Matthew Perciballi (RW)
    • Elite set of hands that he uses consistently to beat defenders
    • Very consistent with his attacks in the O-zone
  • #54 Joe Vrbetic (G)
    • Big goalie (6’5) who looks it in the net, doesn’t leave many openings
    • Plays very big in the net and doesn’t get caught out of position very often
    • Stays square and is very good at funneling pucks into his chest for no rebounds
    • Has a tendency to drop his glove and gets beat that way at times


Guelph Jr. Gryphons

  • #9 Logan Morrison (RC)
    • Terrific ability to find the soft spot in the defence. He always seems to be wide open.
    • Elite playmaker who’s constantly creating for himself and his teammates in the offensive zone
    • Undersized but his skating and elusiveness makes up for it
    • Could jump into the late 1st round, but I see him as a solid 2nd round selection
  • #70 Christian Linton (G)
    • Big frame (6’3) and has a very quick lower half which he uses effectively.
    • One of the better glove hands among minor midget goalies


Mississauga Rebels

  • #6 Rory Kerins (LC)
    • Able to get shots on net with very little time and space
    • High level 2 way forward
    • Above average vision and playmaking, especially on the powerplay
    • Could be a steal if he falls to the late 3rd round
  • #8 Nolan Dillingham-Morelli (RD)
    • The most physical player in minor midget this season
    • Good vision in the D-zone to jump passes and anticipate the play
    • Goes looking for the big hit and finds himself out of position at times
    • Good skater for a bigger D-man
  • #65 Max Bronstine (LD)
    • Likes to rush the puck and is very confident doing so
    • Good offensive instincts. Confident walking the line on the PP
    • Plays with an edge that you like to see from someone without ideal size


Mississauga Reps

  • #22 Owen Power (LD)
    • Ideal size (6’4, 200) that he makes the most out of
    • Very good skater for how big he is, great stride
    • Battles very hard in front, he’s a load
    • Consistently gives good breakout passes
    • Could play more physical
    • Will be a 1st round pick, could flirt with being a top 5 pick
  • #13 Aidan Hughes (LC)
    • Agitator, he’s constantly in the middle of it
  • #11 Devlin O’Brien (LW)
    • Puck comes off his stick really fast
    • Good feet that he uses to get quick acceleration


Mississauga Senators

  • #8 Sebastian Bulovs (LW)
    • Elite speed
    • Elite puck skills and offensive instincts
    • Questionable effort in the D-zone at times
    • Could be a 2nd rounder if a team thinks they can get a consistent effort from him


Niagara North Stars

  • #63 Spencer Smith (LC)
    • Undersized but will play physical
    • Plays with good pace and is constantly attacking
    • Potential 2nd rounder


North Bay Trappers

  • #19 Pacey Schlueting (LD)
    • One of the best puck rushing D-men in minor midget
    • Big shot from the point
    • Very confident with the puck on his stick
    • Late 1st round potential


Oakland Jr. Grizzlies

  • #21 Andrei Bakanov (LW)
    • Good skater
    • Plus hands
    • Gets his shot off his stick very quickly
    • 1st rounder if he gets deemed eligible for the OHL draft


Oakville Rangers

  • #9 Cameron Tolnai (LC)
    • Elite offensive talent
    • One of the better shots in minor midget, gets off his stick in a hurry
    • Elite powerplay weapon
    • Would like to see more consistency 5-on-5
    • Top 10 overall talent
  • #22 Luke Evangelista (RW)
    • Very patient in the O-zone, allows the play to develop
    • Undersized but makes the most of his frame
    • Weaves though the D with ease
  • #97 Zack Terry (LD)
    • 2-way defender
    • Mobile, puck mover
    • Plays physical
    • Battles hard down low
    • Potential steal in the 3rd round
  • #43 Jake Murray (LD)
    • Offensive talent
    • Good, hard first pass consistently
    • Tends to make bad decisions when blitzed
  • #59 Chase Strychaluk (RW)
    • Elite shot


Peterborough Jr. Petes

  • #86 Nolan Burke (LC)
    • Petes best player
    • 2-way centre who’s responsible defensively
    • If he can finish around the net more, would increase his stock
    • 3rd rounder to me


Quinte Red Devils

  • #20 Isaac Langdon (LC)
    • 2-way centre
    • Good shot in close
    • 2nd round potential but has NCAA commit
  • #24 Cole McGuire (LD)
    • Skates with the puck very well
    • Good vision on the breakout
    • Battles hard
    • PP and PK


Sun County Panthers

  • #81 Matthew Maggio (RW)
    • Elite shot
    • Very aggressive in the O-zone
    • Comes back to help on the wall in the D-zone
    • Always attacking
    • High level offensive talent
    • Potential 2nd rounder
  • #97 John Ulicny (LW)
    • Several clutch goals at the OHL Cup
    • Good shot


Toronto Jr. Canadiens

  • #8 Dylan Robinson (LC)
    • Responsible 2-way centre
    • Really good hands that he uses to constantly walk D-men
    • 1st round potential but has USNTDP ties
  • #55 Daniil Chayka (LD)
  • #93 Michael Bianconi (LD)
    • High end 2-way defender
    • Walks the line with confidence
    • Hard shot (snap and slap) that he is able to get through traffic
  • #92 Frankie Carogioiello (LW)
    • Undersized but constantly has the puck on his stick
    • High hockey IQ
    • If he gets bigger, could be a steal later in the draft


Toronto Marlboros

  • #4 Jamie Drysdale (RD)
    • Elite talent
    • Fantastic skater and great edgework
    • Ready to run an OHL powerplay right away
    • Vision off the charts
    • Big shot from the point
    • A+ skater that he uses to fly around the offensive zone with the puck consistently
    • I’d take him 3rd overall
  • #9 Lleyton Moore (LD)
    • Elite skater with elite offensive talent
    • Very elusive. Defenders struggle to keep him in front of them
    • Very vocal
    • Shot blocker
    • Very high hockey IQ
    • Undersized but battles very hard. Mitch Vande Sompel comparisons
    • 1st round potential
  • #25 Will Cuylle (LW)
    • Power forward with an elite shot
    • The puck gets off his stick very fast and gets upstairs in a hurry
    • Really helped his draft stock at the OHL Cup
    • Top 5 potential pick
  • #27 Cam Peters (LC)
    • Reliable 2-way centre
    • Plays physical
    • Goes to the net hard and effectively
    • Potential steal in the 2nd round
  • #77 Stephen Halliday (LW)
    • Highly skilled winger
    • Big and strong, hard to knock off the puck
    • Big offensive threat
    • Could be a late 1st round pick
  • #5 Reid Valade (RW)
    • Elite shot but doesn’t use it enough
    • Deceptive speed, constantly blowing by defenders wide to beat them to the net
  • #11 McKay Hayes (LC)
    • Patient playmaker
    • Good edgework to keep the puck on his stick
  • #13 Ryan Alexander
    • Plays PP and PK
    • Reliable 2-way centre
    • Good shot
    • High hockey IQ is evident
  • #28 Riley Piercey (LW)
    • Big time agitator, loves to mix it up
    • Plays in front of the net on the PP
  • #1 Connor MacKenzie (G)
    • I went to 12 Marlies games this year and he started all of them
      • Workhorse
    • Plays the puck with confidence
    • Very athletic


Toronto Red Wings

  • #25 Kyle Jackson (LC)
    • Elite hands
    • Very confident with the puck on his stick
    • Bright spot on a bad team


Toronto Titans

  • #86 Jean-Luc Foudy (RC)
    • One of the fastest skaters in the draft
    • Elite playmaker, has good vision
    • Attitude issues at times, has a tendency to show up his teammates
    • 1st round talent


Vaughan Kings

  • #91 Cole Perfetti (LC)
    • Smartest player in the draft
    • Puck possession monster
    • Good shot that he doesn’t need a lot of time to get off
    • Great on face-offs
    • Committed to Michigan
    • My 2nd overall pick
  • #97 Ty Tullio (RC)
    • 2-way centre, plays at both ends
    • Very creative offensively, not afraid to try things
    • Blocks a ton of shots
    • Plays both PP and PK
    • Bulldog who gives it all every game, not afraid to play in the dirty areas
    • Late 1st rounder or early 2nd rounder
  • #9 Ryan O’Rourke (LD)
    • Big shot from the point
    • Shutdown defender
    • A load to deal with in battles down low
    • Plays both PK and PP
    • 2nd rounder
  • #22 Anthony Constantini (RD)
    • Shutdown defender
    • Knows when to jump into the play and when to be conservative
  • #92 Liam Babcock (LC)
    • Big and fast
    • Has the tools to be really good, just hasn’t put it all together yet
  • #33 Marco Constantini (G)
    • Stays big and square
    • Good at not allowing rebounds


York-Simcoe Express

  • #55 Quinton Byfield
    • The best player in the OHL draft class
    • Big and fast. Pro body
    • Can do everything at full speed
    • Always has his head up making plays
    • Very dynamic offensively
    • Game breaking speed
    • Easy 1st overall pick
  • #41 Evan Vierling (LC)
    • Great skater
    • One of the fastest players in the draft
    • Gets his shot off quick
    • Elite offensive talent
    • Should go somewhere between 2-6 overall
  • #4 Jack Bar (RD)
    • Big and mean
    • Good skater
    • Effective puck mover
    • Hard shot from the point
    • NCAA commit
  • #21 Cameron Butler (RW)
    • Ideal size
    • Good, hard shot
    • Easy to keep to the outside
    • I’d take him in the 3rd-4th round




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