4 Different Types Of Coffee Beans You Should Know About


Nearly one billion people in the world drink coffee every day. Most people start their day with a steaming hot cup of coffee. Coffee contains caffeine which increases energy levels, improves brain function, and burns fat by jump-starting the body’s metabolism. In addition, caffeine boosts focus and enhances mood. So people drink a cup of their favorite brew to feel more relaxed and productive.

Colombia is known for growing the best coffee beans in the world. Colombian whole bean coffee is at the higher end of coffee luxury. It has a mild and distinct flavor with a rich aroma. Colombia’s climate is perfect for coffee growing, and its high altitude gives a unique shape to the coffee beans.

The two most popular coffee beans grown worldwide are arabica and robusta. Arabica is sweeter and lighter, and robusta is denser and bolder. All coffee beans produced in Colombia are arabica. The beans have heavy notes of chocolate and nuts with a light and flowery taste, which most coffee lovers enjoy. Colombian coffee is priced higher because it is made of superior arabica beans.

The seed inside the coffee plant’s fruit is the coffee bean, known as the coffee cherry. People don’t eat the fruity part of the coffee cherry but take the pit out. It is roasted to make coffee.

Types of coffee beans

Arabica coffee beans

Arabica beans are famous coffee beans in the world, making up about 60% of the world’s coffee. However, they are pricier because they are harder to grow. The plants need extra shade, water, and high altitude to grow well. The arabica coffee beans are high-quality beans with no bitterness and a smooth flavor.

Robusta coffee beans

Robusta coffee beans are the second most favored coffee beans in the world. It is a less expensive and budget-friendly choice for coffee lovers. Robusta plants are much larger than the arabica plants, and the beans are larger and rounder in shape. The plants grow in lower altitudes and can easily resist diseases. The robusta coffee has a stronger smell and more caffeine than arabica coffee.

Liberica coffee beans

Liberica coffee beans are known for their bold and smoky flavor. The Liberia plant is much larger than arabica, and robusta plants and their cherries are irregular in shape. They tolerate hot and humid climates and grow well in low altitudes. The coffee made from these beans has an unusual nutty and woody flavor.

Excelsa coffee beans

Excelsa coffee beans look like Liberia coffee beans, but their taste is unique. The plants grow in medium altitudes. They have a light aroma and fruity flavor with unusual depth. They are primarily used in blends because they add complexity.

Types of coffee drinks

Black coffee: Black coffee is simple coffee brewed by steeping ground coffee beans in hot water. It is served warm without adding milk or sugar.

Latte: Latte is the most popular type of coffee. Latte is made by mixing a shot of espresso with steamed milk and a touch of foam.

Cappuccino: Cappuccino is similar to a latte but made with more foam and less steamed milk. It is commonly served with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon.

Espresso: Espresso coffee is made in Espresso machines, using the pressure brewing method. It has a rich and concentrated taste.

Mocha: Mocha coffee is for chocolate lovers. Mocha is made by mixing espresso and steamed milk. It tastes sweet because the chocolate syrup is added to it.

Irish coffee: Irish coffee is made by mixing black coffee, Irish whisky, and sugar. It is topped with whipped cream. It tastes sweet with a deep rich flavor.

Colombian whole bean coffee tastes rich and unique because the plants grow in higher altitudes. The cherries are hand-picked and processed naturally by hand on the farms. Colombia produces 100% arabica coffee beans. Colombian coffee is famous worldwide and loved for its delicious taste and superior quality.

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