5 Things That You Should Do While In Bhutan


If you are planning to visit Bhutan then you have come to the right place. Bhutan opens up the world of possibilities for people visiting the nation. Bhutan is a wonderful tourism destination mostly because it is uncommon. The country is shrouded in the mystery of customs and traditions that vary from the others. Moreover, you will need a thorough guide and understanding of the country before you visit it. As it is not a regular tourist destination where you can just waltz to the beach or go on a shopping spree, you will need a traveler vibe to visit Bhutan.

If you have planned a tour in Bhutan, then you should conssider to check the internet and search for the different prices that are offered by the tour companies available in Bhutan also you can take a package which includes the trek to the mountain which is not forbidden to the tourists as there are many mountains which have to the monastery at the top where all the little children are taught about Buddhism, and there they are taught about different languages.

Bhutan is a place where many people travel almost yearly, and you will be able to learn more about Buddhism there then anywhere in the world as Bhutan is declared as that country which follows Buddhism strictly, and if you want to visit Bhutan on a cultural trip them, you can take a cultural package tour in which you will have to pay less amount then another package, but this package will consider mostly those places which have monasteries as this is a cultural trip.

Also, the government of Bhutan will help those people who are coming to Bhutan to learn more about their culture and also their ways of living and also the government will give them more time to stay and extend their Visa if they are doing something good for the people of Bhutan and also if you have come to Bhutan with a mission to save the nature then the Bhutanese government will support you in every step.

Everyone might be wondering what the things to do in Bhutan are then you have the right article where we will tell you all about the different things that are possible to do in Bhutan an the most common things which people come and do in Bhutan is trekking the huge mountain range of the Himalaya which is not forbidden to outsiders as in the monastery there are students which as being trained and preached about Buddhism and all the different methods that are followed by them.

Bhutan is also the country which was declared by UNESCO and UNICEF as the only country which follows the teachings of Buddhism strictly and if you want to follow Buddhism then you will have to enter yourself into a monastery after you have taken all the permission from the government of Bhutan and also you will need approval from the headmaster of the Buddhism community of Bhutan.

Bhutan is also the country which is literally the example of a military country which has the combination of religion as well as military training but this the only country which has the power needed to defeat any country, but they believe in using their power not to dominate over other country or people as it is a teaching in Buddhism that tells us that they have to treat everyone with love, care and passion if they are not from the same religion or caste.

Bhutan is the land of mystery and magic as it is believed as this is the place where many of the mysterious legend creatures were made, or they were sent to when they first visited Earth and helped the people of Earth to restore the natural balance in the world.

Here is the list of 5 things that you have to do when you visit Bhutan:-

  •  Score a bull’s eye:

The first thing is that you have to score a bull’s eye in the archery competition as archery is one of the most famous sports that is followed in the country as they do not believe in the use of gun unless very necessary.

Archery is that skill in which you can show off how much of a master you are to control your breathing and is not a competition where you just take the bow and arrow just aim and shoot, but you have to wait and shoot unless you have been told to.

  •  Enter the tiger’s nest:

Tiger’s nest also called as Taktsang in Bhutan is the place which is located 900m on top of the Bhutanese mountain and was rebuilt twice after it caught fire in the year 1960 and also 1998.

This is a legend as believed that one of the monks arrived on the back of a flying mysterious tiger.

  •  Search for a yeti:

It is believed that many legend creatures live in the valley of Bhutan and the first mysterious creature was spotted near the Taktsang where it was seen that a flying tiger had come to drop off the monk and was believed from then that there is a mysterious creature which is hiding in the world to restore the natural balance of the world and save It from being destroyed.

  •  Dance with monks at Tsechu festival:

Tsechu festival also called as masked dances is a festival that occurs almost every month where all the monks from young to old come together, and they prepare a dance performance in which they show their devotion to their god and they believe in their religion.

  •  Trek into the unknown:

There are many places that you can trek in Bhutan and with the right gear and the right guide you can go to the highest point in all of Bhutan where there is nothing but plain grass, snow and trees which are huge and cover almost everything.

There are also forest high up in the mountain which is not visited by anyone, and you can go there if you have the right equipment and guide.


I hope you get the information you were looking for in this article.