A solution to the pet mental health- best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety 


Do dogs suffer from depression and anxiety?

Any living organism having a functional unit in its body can have a mental illness. It happens due to the imbalance with the different neurotransmitters. So the simple answer to that question is yes. But since dogs do not have a sense of self-consciousness, the mental disorders will not be as pronounced as it is in humans. It takes even more time to express. Only some owners will be able to differentiate the mentally ill dog. Since it is not prominent, it can also be treated with simple methods like adding CBD to their diet.

How to identify a dog with anxiety?

Anxiety is due to previous trauma which happened. Sometimes being separated from its original family can also cause anxiety. Studies have also shown a genetic cause for anxiety. Dogs are generally brave animals. Sometimes they show signs of fear with trembling. Instead of barking, they will start pacing and panting. If these signs are shown, and the owner cannot come to a solution, consult a vet. Adding the best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety in their diet can help treat the disease and bring a better life.

What are to be followed while choosing CBD for dogs?

  1. Usually, broad-spectrum cannabinoids are used. One of the content includes terpenes which have other medicinal properties. The combination will provide an entourage effect.
  2. If the CBD is extracted using carbon dioxide, the tests for cannabinoid shows negative. This will increase the concentration of CBD provided to the dog. Another method of extraction is solvent extraction. Solvents like propane, butane, and other petroleum products can be used. However, the concentration of CBD is reduced in these oils. The latter is considered safer than carbon dioxide extraction.
  3. A certificate of analysis should be checked before buying the product. The certificate will provide a cannabinoid profile with the concentration of all kinds of cannabinoids available.
  4. A third part test and the results should be produced on the company sites or in places accessible to people. If not, consumers can infer that the company is hiding some product that is not legalized. The transparency of the company is revealed only through third-party testing.
  5. Money should never be at the first line when buying a CBD product. Not all good products are expensive. If a particular brand follows the above criteria,its product is worth buying.
  6. Customer ratings and reviews give an idea of the practical aspect of the oil.

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