Best hotels to stay in Perth


The city of Perth is a great place to visit, but accommodation can be expensive. Luckily, there are some luxury hotels where you can stay at lower prices than expected. These five hotels will give you an amazing time in the city of Perth without breaking your bank account.

  1. Crown Metropol Perth

Price: Starting at $220 per night for a superior room

Built-in 2009, the Crown Metropol is one of the newer hotels in Perth and is considered to be one of the top luxury hotels in Perth. This 25-story hotel towers over the city and is one of the most expensive hotels to stay in Perth. Guests who want a better idea of what the top floor looks like can get an even greater view from Cloud 9 Bar and Lounge on level 26. The hotel’s location is near some of the best shopping and dining areas of Perth, but it is a little far from the city center.

  1. Howard Park Resort

Price: Starting at $165 per night for an ocean-view deluxe room

Located on the South-Perth beachfront, Howard Park Resort is one of the most affordable hotels you can stay at in Perth that also has a beachfront location. The hotel was built in 2005 and has amazing views of the Indian Ocean and Swan River. You can choose to stay in one of the hotel’s 21 rooms, 10 suites, or 1 grand suite. This is a really great option for someone who loves being near the coast but wants a more affordable hotel.

  1. Mantra on Hay Street

Price: Starting at $199 per night for a one-bedroom suite

This hotel was built in 2008 and is also another great place to stay if you love the coast, but want to pay less for your room. The Mantra on Hay Street has beautiful views of Perth’s coast and hosts guests that love to be near the sea. This hotel is also close to some of Perth’s best shopping and dining locations, so you will never go hungry and always have something to do if you stay here.

  1. Hyatt Regency

Price: Starting at $160 per night for a one-bedroom suite

This hotel is located near the city center of Perth and was built in 1995. The hotel is 32 stories high and has amazing views from every room, but if you want a better view, go to its rooftop bar where you can see all of Perth. This luxury hotel also boasts a full restaurant, a coffee shop with breakfast and snack options, a gym, and a swimming pool.

  1. Hotel Valentino Perth

Price: Starting at $235 per night for an ocean-view suite

This hotel is located near the city center, but just far enough away that you are not in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. This luxury, four-star hotel was built in 2004 and will give you one of the best views in Perth. You can even go to one of their rooftop bars and watch the sunset! The hotel offers suites, rooms, and deluxe rooms depending on your needs. All rooms have a mini-bar so guests can drink when they please without having to buy anything extra. This is great for people who like to enjoy the nightlife in Perth.


Regardless of which hotel you stay in, Perth will be sure to show you a great time! You’ll find that each luxury hotel is different in its own way and has amenities that suit everyone’s needs. The best part about these hotels is that they are close to some of the best shopping and dining areas in Perth, so you can go shopping or grab some food before turning in for the night.

These five hotels are the best to stay at while you are on your trip to Perth! If none of these hotels meet your needs, be sure to check out our guide that lists all the top hotels in Perth. Now get packing and head on a plane to Perth!

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