Car Loan


A personal loan is a type of credit that does not need insurance, given with little paperwork. For some real financial need, you can use the funds from this loan. You have to repay it to the bank per the agreed conditions, like every other loan in plain EMIs.

Suppose you wish to finance a holiday, buy a computer, pay for medical insurance, use for home renovation, wedding costs, help the education of your children, etc. You can use the funds availed from a personal loan any way you want.

A car loan is secured against the car you intend to purchase, which means the vehicle serves as the collateral for the loan. If there is a default on your repayments, the lender will confiscate the car. Before you make the final deposit, the lender holds control of the ownership of the asset, like a mortgage.

Because the creditor maintains financial leverage over the vehicle, which is a guaranteed loan, the mortgage is considered to be a lower risk, usually resulting in a significantly lower interest rate for prospective borrowers. There are also fixed interest rates, so that borrowers, like unsecured personal loans, are not subject to increases.

SBI offers

The SBI Personal loan recently announced a slew of special offers for its retail clients amid the pandemic. For all clients applying for a car, gold, and personal loans through YONO, the bank has announced a 100 % waiver in the processing fee. The bank offers customers who opt for the car loan the lowest interest rate, starting from 7.5%. On select models, they will also be eligible for 100% on-road finance.

SBI announced special festive offers for home purchasers on home loans. In approved projects, there would be a complete waiver on processing fees on home loans for homebuyers. The lender will also provide special interest rate concessions of up to 10bps to customers based on their credit score and loan amount. Besides, if they apply for a home loan via YONO, homebuyers can avail the 5bps interest concession.

These offers are not limited to home and personal loans, for Gold loan clients, there is good news as well, as they now have flexible repayment options at the lowest interest of 7.5 % for up to 36 months. The SBI Personal loans are available with lending rates as low as 9.6 % to improve the credit scenario in the times of the current crisis.

With digital banking increasingly gaining momentum, particularly in the current scenario, the YONO flagship banking and lifestyle platform of SBI is all set to provide its customers with an additional layer of convenience by offering them in-principal approval on the Car and Gold loan application.

In just four clicks, SBI customers can also benefit from a pre-approved paperless personal loan on YONO at their convenience. By typing PAPL <space> <last 4 digits of SBI a/c no.> to 567676, prospective borrowers can simply check their eligibility via SMS.

Essential Variables Determining SBI Personal Loan Eligibility

  • The minimum age is 21 years, and the maximum age is 58 years. The bank issues personal loans for a maximum term of 72 months.
  • The minimum net income for a personal loan is around ₹ 24,000 per month. Your income dictates your eligibility.
  • Fixed Income Ratio Obligation) is a significant criterion used by SBI to assess the SBI personal loan eligibility. The bank takes all the fixed obligations (like rent or current EMIs) into account when calculating your credentials. For SBI personal loan eligibility, the minimum FOIR necessary is 0.45.
  • The inclusion of a co-applicant expands your eligibility as it improves your repayment ability.
  • The CIBIL ranking is the most crucial factor in determining your eligibility to get a personal loan. When confirming eligibility for a personal loan, which also includes all past operating loans and the loan and credit card payment track record, SBI will verify the entire credit history. The higher credit score increases the chances of accepting your SBI loan application. However, a low CIBIL rating limits the capacity to obtain a personal loan. SBI offers a minimum credit score of 650 to be eligible for a personal loan.

Necessary Variables for SBI Car Loan Eligibility

  • A key factor that lenders take into consideration when assessing the interest rate is the income-to-debt ratio. A low income-to-debt ratio is also recommended as it ensures the opportunity, without any gaps, to make EMI payments monthly.
  • Inflation also has a crucial role to play in determining interest rates. If the inflation rate increases, then rates will increase, and if the inflation rate decreases, the interest rates on car loans may decline. Other market conditions can also affect interest rates offered by the lender. Consumers should also be well aware of the existing market circumstances when they opt for a car loan.
  • While availing a car loan, the vehicle being loaned acts as a security for the entire tenure of the debt, if you default on the EMI fees, the bank will hold your car in place to balance out the outstanding dues. This is why lenders and banks take into account the vehicle model and age when determining the interest rate.
  • In addition to the applicant’s credit score, when determining the interest rate, income and type of occupation are both taken into consideration. Banks usually prefer candidates with a steady income as it shows their willingness to allow repayments without defaults.
  • The maturity tenure, which is the time given to the borrower to repay their loan amount, can also determine the interest rate levied on their loan balance. The longer the maturity period, the larger the interest rate charged on the loan balance.
  • The borrower’s arrangement with the bank will also dictate the interest rate. It is also proposed that borrowers take advantage of a car loan from the bank where they have a savings account. The bank finds it more simple to provide a loan for a person who has been a bank customer for a very long time. There is also an excellent probability that the borrower will secure a vehicle loan at a lower interest rate.

Conclusion: With SBI’s exclusive festive deals, move ahead to use personal and car loans for your immediate financial needs and purchase your dream car. Personal loans are available at 9.6% and car loans at 7.5 %.