Hockey Twitter Bracket: Start of Round Two & Updated Results

By @yakovmironov

As the first round closed, I saw myself get bounced from my own bracket. That’s pretty harsh. Of course I also voted for “After Emerson Etem…” too, but I appreciate everyone who helped my Jim Benning tweet reach 48% and make for the closest matchup of day two.

Day two also saw our first “upset” as “Crosby passing the torch to Giroux” (11th seed) beat out Terry Jones’ excitement over pooping in the press box in Rexall Place (6th seed). The argument can and should be made that the Crosby/Giroux tweet was seeded far too low, but I admit I have a bias towards poop. Continue reading

Hockey Twitter Bracket: Round One (Computer Boys & Sliding into Your DMs Regions)

By @yakovmironov

It’s the first day of Hockey Twitter March Madness and I’m hoping there’s still some excitement around this process. Crowning the ultimate hockey tweet is certainly something that seems like it will be worth a couple of minutes voting every day, and by the number of brackets people have sent me on twitter, there are clearly some strong favourites and some potential for upsets.

Of course you’ll be able to follow along with how each tweet is doing via my twitter account, but additionally you’ll find the updated bracket here every morning, along with the twitter polls for anyone who doesn’t want to read through my thoughts about the Leafs on twitter.

You can find all the details on all the tweets in the bracket here. Happy voting. Continue reading

Marching into the Madness: Hockey Tweet Bracket

By @yakovmironov

In the finest tradition of stealing someone else’s great idea and turning into your own, I have stolen from the wonderful @TheNinjaGreg and his hockey tweet Mount Rushmore idea.

This is a fun idea that almost immediately had many people asking to see it turned into a March Madness bracket. Since I am desperate for the approval of others, I thought why not me? Why shouldn’t I be the guy who will have his next two weeks consumed with 64 tweets about hockey? Continue reading