Hockey Twitter Bracket: The Sweet Sixteen

By @yakovmironov

At this point I admit I’m experiencing a bit of bracket fatigue. We’ve done a lot of voting this week. We’ve seen a lot of favourites fall, and this morning is no exception.

Having Dan Tencer’s Rearview Mirror tweet leave the competition is surprising and should be a sign that Taylor Hall tweets are a force to be reckoned with.

Personally I will be mourning the loss of the LA Kings goaltending tweet and the Kessel’s having a good time in their car.

Onward we go, we are now in the Sweet Sixteen and given my desire to take a few days away from this, voting will be 72 hours on this round before we wrap up next week.  Continue reading

NHL Draft Prospects in the OHL Playoffs: Niagara vs Peterborough

By Tom Hunter (@PuckDontLie)


Niagara Ice Dogs

Stephen Dhillon – G – Ranked 19th (NA Goalie) by NHL Central Scouting

Technically, Dhillon is a second-time eligible prospect. The Ice Dogs netminder was eligible last year by one day and was overlooked – likely due to the fact that he only had 28 OHL games under his belt.

This year Dhillon has been one of the best goaltenders in the league while playing behind a very young, re-building team. He finished with a .914 sv% after facing more high-danger scoring chances than anyone in the OHL. After attending Boston’s rookie camp last summer, he’ll get drafted this year and should probably be ranked a lot higher than NHL CS currently has him.

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Hockey Twitter Bracket: Close Results and The Second Half of Round 2

By @yakovmironov

The first half of Round 2 gave us the most entertaining day of voting so far. At least half of the matchups stayed close right up until the end. And in three cases we had 50/50 splits in the final ten minutes. I’m beginning to suspect that some people are strategically voting at the last minute.

I’ve included the final scores from yesterday on the bracket, because I’m sure some of you will find it interesting how close it was.

Today’s voting should be equally entertaining and some bracket favorites are sure to fall. Continue reading

Hockey Twitter Bracket: Day One Results & Day Two Matchups

By @yakovmironov

Day one provided a lot of assurances that I can in fact seed a bracket, as it was a day completely absent of upsets.

That’s not to say that it wasn’t exciting, as Bobby Ryan’s Corsica tweet and the follow up “Just Win Baby” did battle into the 11th hour, before Corsica finally triumphed.

The closest thing we had to an upset was 9th seed, Manny’s Salad taking down Travis Yost’s take on Ribs (8th seed). The fact that it was done in such a dominating fashion and that there were more votes cast in this poll than any other certainly makes Manny’s Salad one to watch in the next round as it goes up against the top ranked tweet, Avs PDO.

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The Hockey Twitter Bracket Challenge


Friend of the site, @RickNashtag, brought up a very good point this morning about how this bracket has the potential to do some good. He also volunteered to be a key player in doing that good by running a bracket challenge for us.

For a $5 paypal entry fee, you can submit your bracket via email to @RickNashtag and be entered in our contest.

The top 3 winners of the bracket challenge receive bragging rights and a hockey twitter related t-shirt. For $5 that’s pretty darn good if you ask me.  If it’s a $10 entry you also get to pick to pick the charity that receives the entrance fees.

From @RickNashtag:

Email and PayPal are both Id request that you send a scan of the bracket preferably but not a problem if they cant.. Submission should include PayPal name so I can keep track. All entries emailed by 10 am Monday.

Simple points system…1 point for each correct match up.

As for cash, At least a $5 buy in.

If you contribute $10 or more, you can pick the charity if you win.

I’ll send a “Hockey Twitter” related T shirt to the top 3 finishers.

I am thrilled that @RickNashtag is giving us a chance to do some good with this, and thank him for running the bracket challenge and generously donating his time and prizes to this. We haven’t even started yet, and I already feel that we are going to need to turn this into an annual thing.

Best of luck to all entrants.

Mock Expansion Draft: Cheapest Team Possible Edition

By @yakovmironov

A fun thing about the NHL All-Star break is that it allows us to hit pause on the season and jump 100% into speculation mode for a few days. There’s no hockey to dissect (at least at the NHL level) and if you’re like me (and you probably are if you’re reading this post) you have developed a keen interest in the expansion draft.

While there are bound to be numerous roster changes between now and when the actual draft occurs, it doesn’t mean that we can’t test some theories about what tactics the Golden Knights (TM not found) will take. And this is one I found particularly interesting…

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Stop White Knighting for Steve Bartman

by Duncan Clair (@duncanclair)

As Kris Bryant charged the weak grounder and threw to Anthony Rizzo for the final out, it meant a lot of things to a lot of people. For Cleveland fans, it was heartbreak, perhaps with a dash of begrudging appreciation for witnessing history. For Cubs fans, it was elation at arriving to an unimaginable place, halting a drought of unfathomable length. Many people loved this team for a lifetime and perished before the Cubs made good on the promise every team makes to its fans: that they will experience glory.  For many people who sat at arms-length from being an arms-length from this series, one man came to mind.

“Bartman is forgiven”

“Bartman is free”

“Bartman can come home again”

“Redemption for Bartman”

And so on…

These sentiments are awful, and they can fuck off.

Let alone that immediately rushing to publicly bless this man’s access to anonymity is counter intuitive by nature, it’s total bullshit, because Steve Bartman owes nothing to anyone, least of all the passion and community that betrayed him.

Bartman’s treatment was not a dark exception in the pandemonium of a playoff run. There was no sober second thought the morning after at the vilification of a man – a customer – who did nothing wrong. Instead Bartman’s unwitting place in Cubs history was long ago cemented, perpetuated, and made to be a spectacle. It was quite literally capitalized on. This is the man we are imploring the Cubs to “forgive.”

It’s as unsettling as ever that a man who never opted into public life can be made a mascot, even after the devastation beset on him is common knowledge. It’s another example of our appeasement for mob “justice” and our collective desire to play god with members of our own species when given the chance.

If we want to reconcile our own guilt for being distant passengers to the ruin of a man’s life, then so be it, but to demand anything of him for a nanosecond of his time is to perpetuate his treatment, not as a peer, but as a character to be killed and resurrected at our whim.

The unbridled sanctimony of celebrating the exoneration of a man who objectively did nothing wrong is shameful. Steve Bartman is not in need of forgiveness. I can’t imagine what he is in need of. I have no idea what justice, for him, looks like. I hope he was happy last night. I also completely understand if he didn’t watch a single play.