Cybersecurity crisis during the pandemic: The 2020 business guide!


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused more damage to businesses than the 2008 recession. The global economy is crippled to a large extent, and while countries are embracing the new normal, things may not change drastically change in the next couple of months of this year. Your company will have to fix every vulnerability and ensure that your cybersecurity measures for 2020 are a step ahead of last year. We have a guide below on how to deal with cybersecurity during these pandemic times. 

  1. Focus on employees

Companies that can afford to allow their employees to work from home have opted for the option, while some are being called back to workplaces in a phased manner. Social distancing norms must be adhered to, and this also means that a whole range of devices and networks will be used for accessing company resources. Make sure that your employees know of their roles and responsibilities in managing cybersecurity concerns, and they should be trained about things like phishing and malware attacks. 

  1. Create a plan for incident management

Sometimes, despite the best efforts, things may go wrong, and it is best to create an incident response plan. Let your teams know how to deal with cybersecurity incidents, even when they are working remotely. Each employee should know who and how to report a security matter, and immediate steps must be taken to minimize damage and risks. You may need an additional extended team for managing cybersecurity in 2020. 

  1. Keep an eye on phishing 

Phishing attacks have increased during the pandemic, because many companies and small businesses are dealing with operational disruptions, and hackers are aware of that. Keep an eye on phishing attacks, which often lead to malware infections, which can have a domino impact on your business. For instance, a trojan file downloaded from email can further install ransomware and encrypt your data. Let your employees know how to browse safely from secured networks. 

Finally, stay active and vigilant. There is no better way of managing cybersecurity concerns in 2020. You have to spend on security measures, and simple steps related to password protection, use of firewalls, spam filters, and network segmentation can go a long way in preventing breaches and data theft. Get your teams to work together on cybersecurity, because you cannot afford to have isolated employees during these times, especially when they are handling your IT and network resources.

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