Effective Details for the CBD Packaging At the Moment


The so-called Packaging Act has obliged online retailers to register their shipping packaging with a “dual system”. This is intended to contribute to an increase in the recycling rate. Registration takes place via the database of the Central Packaging Register. Dealers who overlook the registration must expect a heavy fine of up to 200,000 dollars.

Your Personal Payment Availability

When choosing your shipping Custom CBD oil packaging, the question of your personal wallet also arises: How much do you want to pay for your packaging? Should it only meet the minimum requirements or should it be a little more stylish, personalized packaging? We know that as an online retailer you want to spend as little as possible on shipping and that you probably prefer cheaper shipping packaging. However, better customer relationships can be established through higher quality packaging, which ultimately leads to higher sales.

Choose the Correct Packaging Size

The following applies to shipping packaging as small as possible, but as large as necessary. The packaging size should be as small as possible so that the goods received have as little play as possible. At the same time, however, there should still be enough space for upholstering the goods (approx. 5 cm) in order to guarantee the best possible protection of the goods. Don’t make the mistake of choosing packaging that is too small because shipping is cheaper. Replacing damaged goods is significantly more expensive than paying for a larger package.

Choose Stable Shipping Packaging

To save money on shipping Custom CBD oil boxes, some online retailers use used cardboard boxes as shipping packaging. A risk, because these cardboard boxes are often no longer sufficiently stable and are unable to adequately protect the goods. You should always use a sufficiently stable shipping box that can safely hold the weight of your goods. Depending on the nature of your goods, you should use one, two or three-wall corrugated cardboard.

Consider Environmental Protection

Use your packaging material sparingly as much as possible. Space-saving shipping packaging, for example, reduces courier trips and thus significantly improves the CO2 balance of your parcel. In addition, try to use packaging materials such as adhesive tape and cushioning material as sparingly as possible and avoid plastic packaging materials. This not only benefits the environment, but also your wallet. Staying away from the Common CBD packaging mistakes can be effective here.

Keep an Eye on the Customer Experience

When choosing the right shipping packaging, you should always keep an eye on the customer as the recipient of the package. Your package should be easy to open and not taped in such a way that opening is awkward. The consideration of the customer experience also plays a role in the quality of the packaging: avoid a negative impression of your shop and do not use inferior packaging.