Everything you need to know about research papers


Research paper is a common assignment in schools and colleges because it requires not only writing skills but ability to investigate the topic thoroughly and explain the core of the problem. The difficulty of this type of text depends directly on the topic but better understanding of the structure and main features of it can help anyone who looks for the improvement.

Types of research papers

In fact, there are no particular types of research papers, however it is logical to divide them into two groups based on their size and complexity:

  • Typical research paper is a type of an essay that requires basic analysis of the topic and some statistical data. Students do not have to conduct some serious research or surveys to write it. In addition, it is allowed to use only internet resources.
  • Serious research paper is a more complex type of work. It requires using only credible sources of information and conducting real experiments with data analysis. You can face this type of an assignment in college or university. Learn more about serious research papers.

The structure of research paper

This type of paper requires particular structure as an academic text. Using the right composition can improve any piece of text drastically.

Elements of the research paper:

  • Abstract and outline that go before the main body of the essay.
  • Introduction gives the reader the main idea about the following text.
  • Main body of the paper includes literature overview, methodology and results of the research, discussion and recommendations. This part contains the research itself and should fully explore and explain the topic to the reader.
  • Conclusion and references on the used sources of information summarize the research.

It is necessary to use the right format of literature references, because it can vary depending on the type and topic of the essay.