First Aid for Drowning


At the beginning of the hot season, information about the drowned in reservoirs appears in the media almost every day. And often it is the children who drown. The reason is carelessness, inattention, or simply a lack of knowledge about water and the necessary safety measures when bathing. With Erste-Hilfe Kurs Führerschein München you will learn how to save a drowning person and about the first resuscitation actions.

First Aid organization

Drowning is a type of acute respiratory and cardiac arrest caused by fluid entering the upper respiratory tract, bronchoalveolar space, and reflex circulatory arrest with the development of clinical death. Death by drowning occurs due to a lack of oxygen.  Sehtest erste hilfe Kurz emphasizes that drowning occurs within 5 minutes.

Procedure for providing assistance in case of drowning:

  • Make sure the scene is safe and only then provide assistance.
  • If the drowning person is in the water, a life-saving device must be thrown at him.
  • If you swim up to a drowning person, help him to use a life jacket or other means to stay afloat. According to erste hilfe kurs am kind münchen it is necessary to swim up to the drowning person from the back. As you approach the drowning person, it is important to ask him to calm down and explain that you are able to help.
  • If the drowning person is unconscious and in water, it is necessary to turn him on his back and check for breathing.

There is no need to clean the airways of water – a small amount of water enters the lungs, which quickly passes into the circulatory system. It is not necessary to press on the abdomen, do not turn the victim upside down to remove water from the lungs. Erste Hilfe kurse warns in the absence of breathing, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be started immediately.