Five Must Have Accessories for Golf Beginners


Golfers have so many cool gadgets and accessories for their game. As a beginner, you might be wondering – which accessories do you really need? You do not want to waste money on golf gear that you will never use.

Certainly, golf clubs are a must and not an accessory. To protect your clubs, be sure to have headcovers for your clubs.

  1.   Golf Balls

Beginning golfers need to invest in plenty of golf balls. You also want to make sure you have a Sharpie marker. With the Sharpie, make a mark on your ball. This way you will be able to distinguish between each player’s golf ball.

You do not need to buy the most expensive balls on the market as a beginning golfer. Look for affordable packages of golf balls. As your game progresses and you develop spins, the type of ball begins to matter more.

Purchase used balls too. These can be used for practice shots.

  1.   Golf Tees

As a beginning golfer, you might not realize that golf tees come in different lengths. The three most common are 2.75, 3.25, and 4.00 inches long. Tees are made from wood, rubber, bamboo, or plastic. Find the right tee size and material for your game. You want a tee that lets you strike the ball solidly. If you are not certain which height is best, you can buy the longest tees and adjust the height by pushing them into the ground.

  1.   Golf Gloves

Needed to help with gripping your golf club better, golf gloves are a must for all golfers and certainly for beginning golfers. It may not seem as though the gloves are doing much, but if you try golfing a few rounds without a golf, you will notice your grip slipping as the round progresses. Fit is the most important decision-making factor when selecting a golf glove.

  1.   Divot Tool

When golfers swing their club and strike the ball, they sometimes hit the grass. This can cause a piece of grass to become loose. If the divot is not replaced, it leaves a hole or gap in the grass, which can negatively impact other golfers. A divot tool helps you lift the grass around the divot. Then you can even out the grass.

  1.   Golf Club Brush

Another must have accessory for beginning golfers is a golf club brush. While you are playing a round of golf, your clubs get dirty. If you do not remove the dirt or clumps of grass, it can hamper your play. If the grooves in the head of your clubs are filled with dirt, you will not get a solid connection when you strike the ball.

You can use your brush during a round of play, but you definitely want to use it at the end of your round. After brushing your clubs clean, be sure to recover the clubs with headcovers for protection.