FSSAI Online Registration in India


In the world of business, the subject of food and drinks, and basically goods for consumption is a very delicate one. This is because these goods directly affect the health of the consumers. Therefore, such goods need to go through certain safety and be free of adulteration. That is why the government has devised certain rules and regulations that the businesses dealing with food and drinks have to follow in order to maintain safety standards. That is why businesses require an FSSAI online registration that proves that the food products they are selling are safe to be consumed. The Food Safety and Standards Act was implemented in 2006, and businesses dealing with products like food and drinks meant for consumption have to mandatorily register themselves under this Act. After all, an individual’s health and well-being depend on it.

         The FSSAI legislation was first introduced in 2006, and it states that any business or enterprise that wishes to run a food business needs to apply to a Designated Officer for a license “in such manner containing such particulars and fees” as is specified and laid down by the regulations. It is the work of the FSSAI to make sure that correct safety measures and frequent checks on quality are carried out and undertaken for the different food products before they are sold in the market. The FSSAI makes sure that no dangerous food products might not be sold in the market that may be unsafe and harm innocent citizens. This also helps curb the selling of adulterated and sub-standard food products in the market.

The Food Safety and Standard Acts of 2006 has made it necessary for any enterprise or business that deals with products for consumption to possess an FSSAI License or registration to be able to sell the goods in the market. This is why most food businesses and entrepreneurs have to ensure that their products pass through all the safety measures and live up to the standards as laid down by the FSSAI. To get an FSSAI license, an enterprise has to apply for the registration after which they have to go through verification of the products. When they have obtained the license, the registration is successful.

Can one apply for FSSAI Online Registration?

FSSAI registration application can be done both online and offline. For the online application, one has to log into the FoSCoS portal and fill up the forms. To apply offline, the forms are to be submitted to the Food and Safety Department. Online or offline, one must always remember to accompany the required documents with the application form while submitting them.

What are the Documents Required for FSSAI Registration?

  • Photo of the Applicant or the Owner of the Business
  • A Document for proof of Identity. It can be the Voter ID, Ration Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Passport, etc.
  • Supporting Documents can be submitted if required, like a NOC from Health Department or NOC from the Municipality or Local Governing Body.

Procedure to Apply For FSSAI Online Registration 

You can surely apply for an FSSAI registration online. We have listed the procedure you can follow to get apply for the registration.

  • To acquire an FSSAI registration, businesses related to food and consumption products need to fill up and submit the FSSAI registration form. You can fill up Form A, which is the application for registration, or Form B, which applies for State and Central License. The form is available on the FoSCoS portal.
  • You must upload the required documents along with the FSSAI registration form. Do not forget to upload the required documents on the portal, otherwise, it may lead to rejection of your application.
  • . The Department of Food and Safety takes up to 7 days from the reception of the application to either accept or reject it. When the process is being done online, they usually inform the entrepreneurs through the FoSCoS portal. On rejection of the application, it is usually informed to the entrepreneurs in writing.
  • The documents submitted along with the form are scrutinized by the department.
  • Often, if it is necessary, an investigation might be conducted by the Department of the company premises of the enterprise.
  • If the enterprise meets all the requirements and safety standards expected and the Department is satisfied, then the FSSAI registration certificate will be granted to the applicant along with the registration number and their photo and email address. The FSSAI registration certificate can be downloaded by the applicant when they log into the FoSCoS portal.
  • It is binding for the enterprise to display the Registration Certificate on the business premises during working hours.

Who is Eligible for FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI registration is mostly meant for petty retailers and small-scale food businesses. The eligibility depends on the following factors:

  • The annual turnover of the business should not be more than Rs. 12 lakhs.
  • Any petty retailer whose business deals in food products can apply
  • Any entrepreneur who manufactures and sells food products or products for consumption purposes can apply.
  • Any person, except a caterer, who deals with the distribution of food products in religious or social gatherings can apply.
  • Entrepreneurs dealing with food products in small-scale industries or cottage industries can apply.

What is the Difference Between FSSAI Registration and FSSAI License?

The difference mainly lies in the size of the businesses. FSSAI registration is mainly required for petty retailers and small-scale food businesses. The annual turnover of these businesses is less than Rs. 12 lakh per annum. Businesses with a greater turnover than Rs. 12 lakhs have to apply for an FSSAI License.

It is ultimately the responsibility of entrepreneurs to make sure that the food items they are selling are of a high standard and not harmful for the citizens to consume. Honesty is one of the most essential business ethics, and if that is not pertained to, then the business will surely be doomed sooner or later. Therefore, entrepreneurs should not take unlawful means but rather build a business on honesty and trust. And when it comes to food products, the FSSAI registration or license is a huge factor that helps build trust among customers and investors too. So wait no more. Get done with the FSSAI Online Registration for your business as soon as you can!