Guide to types of contemporary Floorings


Floorings are a crucial part of interior design. No building is considered complete without a beautiful and functional floor. There was a time when the floors were not given enough consideration, and they were quite simple. All you have to do is install a rug to hide floor shortcomings – but time has changed, and it is observed in surveys that people tend to notice the surface before anything else. So no matter how beautiful your home or office is, decorated floors will make the first impression and ruin or make your image.

Floors have always been in the process of innovations. Thanks to technology, the development and arrival of new floors have been quicker than before. With new arrivals, the flooring option gets outdated quickly, and you may want some solution for your place, which remains in the league for a longer time. Floors are not something to change on a monthly or yearly basis. It is a lifetime investment, and it is rare to replace a floor until or unless you are going for some major renovations, or it depends on a remarkable damage repair. That means you want something evergreen and quite popular these days plus it should be durable enough to stay as a surface in the longer run, and last but not least, it should be functional and fulfill all your flooring needs. This guide will briefly describe the trendy contemporary types of floors, which are stylish and evergreen options for both commercial and residential users.

Hardwood Floors:

Wood floors are always in the market, regardless of any genre or lifestyle. Hardwood is available in different types; every type has its unique features and qualities. Wood floors are famous as a floor for every style, colors and textures blend in with every decoration and style schemes like it is made for that particular theme. Among the most preferred choices are laminate, hardwood plank & Bamboo floors. Bamboo is known as one of the modern types of floorings. Hardwood floors are an excellent choice for residential users and function best in high-end commercial places like conference & waiting rooms. Wood floors are a sturdy and robust type of flooring. Heavy foot traffic is not an issue for it and quickly resists sun rays and doesn’t let stain stay on its surface. The only drawback is that it may not perform well in humid areas. Still, a proper lamination and layer of anti-humid material on the subfloor boosts its longevity. Natural product wood is also the anti-allergic type of floor.

Carpet tiles:

Carpet squares or carpet tiles are also a renowned choice of flooring these days. Back in the late 19’s, tiles were available in only square shape and pure texture, but they made their place in the market after up-gradation and brought color to floors life. Now you can arrange and style your floor creatively and innovatively all by yourself. Carpet Tiles provide you the comfort of carpet and benefits of tiles. So durability and style both are guaranteed for a long time. Carpet tiles were once preferred choice in commercial areas, but now they are making their place in residential places too – as you can see many formal guest rooms with carpet tiles as their flooring choice.

Vinyl Floors:

Vinyl is one of the synthetic types of flooring; it is getting popular these days for its non-ending benefits. Vinyl is the economical choice of flooring compared to other types; additionally, it offers designs, colors, and versatility, which none other can provide. Vinyl floorings are available in two kinds in Vinyl rolls and Vinyl interlock tiles. They offer you a comfort anti-slip factor and also the right choice and bear heavy foot traffic without any durability issue. Tiles give you the privilege to design and style according to your need and taste in style. Vinyl tiles and sheets are also available in wood plank designs, so now you can enjoy the comfort of Vinyl with graceful looks of wood at your place.


Any of the above will provide you style, comfort, and non-ending function. All you have to do is select according to your budget and requirements.