Have Dermal Fillers Become a Necessity Today?


While some people inherently possess plump skin, lips, and cheeks, others might need some help with it. For people looking for anti-aging solutions, dermal fillers have become a revolutionary breakthrough. They provide long-lasting solutions and subtle results and are good for almost anybody. Here is everything you should know about them that has made them popular.

What are dermal fillers?

The dermal fillers are derivatives of hyaluronic acids that are naturally occurring in our bodies. This acid is used as the fillers to plump the skin and rehydrate it. This is almost impossible by the topical serums and face creams and they cannot bring back the volume. Some aesthetic fillers can also lead to a natural increase in collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the body, which prevents excessive aging.

What is the filler treatment?

With the injectable fillers being available to individuals, there is a spike in under-30 individuals opting for the same. They are starting young, mainly due to the benefits the treatment bears. They can treat wrinkles with high effectiveness, and show better results when are combined with BOTOX or sunscreen.

What do the dermal fillers do?

With aging, the skin loses its ability to naturally produce hyaluronic acid and collagen. This is why facial volume reduces and wrinkles appear. There are other factors like hormonal changes and sun damages that make these imperfections more evident. With dermal fillers, issues like these can be addressed and cured:

  • Crow’s feet formation around the eyes
  • Glabellar lines that are commonly known as frown lines, occurring between the eyebrows
  • Skin scarring, that results after acne
  • Marionette lines or commonly known as laugh lines forming at the corners of the mouth

Combining dermal fillers with BOTOX

This combination of cosmetic powerhouses can give anybody the desired rejuvenation that their skin deserves. These are highly non-invasive treatments that provide a liquid facelift. You can easily avoid having surgeries and get equally plump skin. This filling removes the creases present in the skin, makes the appearance smoother besides curing the above issues. The wrinkles on the surface relax and soften because the muscle injection prevents their further contraction. However, to witness the best results, you must have a proper consultation with an expert who would guide your way out.

Anti Aging dermal fillers from the house of Clinique is preferred by most skin enthusiasts today, primarily because of their professionalism and experience.

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