How Easily Can You Get an ITN Number?


ITN number is a piece of information that holds extreme value for your import or export process in and out of Canada. This essentially serves to be the passport for the entire export shipment. This number will be available to you after you receive the confirmation from the Electronic Export Information (EEI). After the applications are accepted, the AESDirect files will receive an email with the ITN number. The process might look cumbersome, but it is actually very easy. 

In this article, we will discuss the easiest ways with which you can receive your ITN number at the earliest.

Contact your customs broker

You should contact your customs broker and let them know that you are ready to import your good to Canada. Different goods will have different paperwork and different set of protocols to be followed. Your broker will receive the paperwork request from you based on the goods you are purchasing and what their purposes are. Here are certain documents that you will need specifically:

  • Bill of sale
  • A copy of the importer’s passport
  • Copy of the shipping label
  • Copy of the importer’s driving license

Declare the crossing information

Your broker should have knowledge about the goods that are being transported across the borders. 

  • Your broker should specifically know the port or the border that your goods will be crossing.
  • The exact date when the goods are destined to cross.
  • The name of the transport companies that you intend to use. They might have carrier codes, and you need to hand them over to the broker.

Wait for 72 hours

Your customs broker will be submitting the paperwork on your behalf, and from then, you need to wait for about 72 hours before you hear anything. Once you get to hear back, you will get your ITN number directly from the US Customs department. This will be communicated to you either by the phone number that you have provided or through an email at your registered email id. After having the number with you, you can either proceed with the import with the help of your broker, or you can do the entire thing yourself. But before taking this plunge, you must be ensured that you know the process thoroughly to prevent any hassles.

By simply placing an ITN number request, you can have the number with you in no time, and can carry the process further.

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