How has COVID 19 affected online gambling in 2020?


With the pandemic going on, online casinos have adapted to all the new rules. Mobile casinos have seen a massive rise as people have been asked to stay home. Further, the online gambling is turning to be a million dollars industry. All the gambling enthusiasts are expected to play primarily with situs Judi roulette online terpercaya. This has made digital gaming a reality in the world. 

When COVID 2019 started, no one knew that it would take such a great shape. Further, the Eastern countries started locking their countries first, following the West Countries. 

Ways in which COVID 19 has been affecting

  • Closing of the land-based casinos

Due to the lockdown, all the land-based casinos have been shut down. Besides, many of the casinos will not open ever again. The land ones are entirely different from what the players used to think. All the casinos have to operate under strict protocols. Many people prefer to play from their homes irrespective of the dangers. 

  • Migrating to online casinos

Many players are led digitally to the online casinos. Those existing players already in the markets have seen the revenues rising. Those players who preferred online gambling has not seen much change. 

  • Mobile casinos booming

Presently casinos on smartphones then need of the hour. Secondly, the thing that you can play with your mobiles is such an attractive offer. You can play the casinos while on the go. But there are few dangers related to online casinos. Smartphones are still a safer environment to play casinos. 


COVID 19 has changed the gambling industry completely. Online casino owners are trying to revive the businesses. Mobile gaming will continue to expand in the years to come. Until the situation is brought to normalcy, people have to follow the guidelines.