How To Buy Foie Gras UK And Enjoy It Too?


You may have heard the term in conjunction with ‘fatty liver’. Force-fed ducks and geese produce this delicacy. France is amongst the top of the list, amongst the countries that produce foie gras. Certain regulations ban the production and sale of the delicacy. The main reason being animal cruelty. At a time, when most people are crusading and spreading the word ‘vegan.’ Leaving this out of the menu seems to be a dream. It is one of the primary facets of the French gourmet delight. Many manufacturers are still producing the delicacy, despite several laws banning it. Buy foie gras UK today and enjoy it.

Order Your Foie Gras Today

Today, you can order your favorite food online. Moreover, there are plenty of places in London in the UK, where you can buy this. Buy foie gras UK today, without any hassles at:

  • Dinings: You can just sit at the bar, and watch the sushi chefs preparing a delectable palate just for you. You can try unagi, foie gras sushi, and more.
  • Duck & Waffle: Gives you the best view in London. Foie gras creme brûléea is one of the delicacies and signature dishes of the restaurant.
  • Hakkasan: This is another place worth mentioning here.
  • Smokehouse: You can have the foie gras and octopus’ delicacy. You will feel the taste in your dreams, as well.

Get hold of one of the experts in London and its surroundings. It is a buttery delight that few can forego. The French delicacy made from the fatty liver of ducks and geese is a pure delight. You can eat the delicacy at home or the restaurant. You can also get frozen variety in many stores in the UK.

Duck Or Geese: The Best One

You can now select from duck or geese foie gras. Banned in 14 nations including California. The French still love theirs. The most vastly eaten variety is the duck variety. Moreover, it is far more affordable. Duck foie gras is more natural. Moreover, ducks get mature faster than geese and theirs is widely available.

You should cook the delicacy at a low temperature. Buy foie gras UK and you can get the best of it. Cook it the way you like it. Some people also love the dry roast or the pan-seared variety. You can have foie gras with beets, and green apple. It can make a sumptuous meal.

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