Ideal Environment for the French bulldog


French Bulldogs are among the best pet dog breeds to live in apartments. They may be somewhat active in the home, but they may be left without a garden. They cannot tolerate very extreme temperatures, and overheat easily, so they prefer milder climates.

French bulldog Temperament & Personality

Any dog’s temperament is affected by a number of factors, including heredity, training, and socialization. Puppies that have good temperaments are usually curious and playful, tend to approach people and like to be carried by them. The French bulldog needs socialization as a puppy – expose him to different people, places, sounds, scenes and experiences. Socializing helps to ensure that your bulldog grows healthy to become a very sociable dog.

Bulldogs are affectionate and friendly

The Frenchie dog is a pleasant company, easy to care for, playful, alert, well behaved and affectionate. He is enthusiastic and lively, without being noisy. Curious, sweet and absolutely hilarious, he has a comic personality and loves to joke around. It’s smart and quiet, and you need to spend a lot of time with your family. He is definitely not the type to stay in a kennel or out of the house confined to the garden. He needs to stay in the family environment.

With proper socialization, the Frenchie can get along with other dogs, but should not be left alone with young children, as they do not usually tolerate being mistreated by them. They are a little apprehensive about strangers, but most are friendly to everyone who approaches or offers them a lap, for this reason they are among the best dog breeds for children.

Frenchie needs leadership

This breed needs leadership and will not mature without it. He does not tolerate being ignored. When he feels his owner is too weak or passive, he can become stubborn and even freak out. This type of behavior is known as Small Dog Syndrome, a disorder that usually affects smaller breeds that do not have the necessary leadership on the part of their owners and end up misbehaving. But it can be corrected when the owner starts to show proper leadership.

When they find the right reward, they learn quickly, but even so they tend to do commands and tricks their way. Proper communication between the human leader and the dog is essential. Never show affection or speak sweetly when he is misbehaving. Instead, show an air of calm authority, always showing that you are in charge.