Important Things You Should Know Before You Get Dentures in Wichita Falls


Dentures are artificial teeth that can be removed. They are a replacement for teeth you lost because of extensive decay or damage. Dentures have been around for many years and are still used these days. But before you see a Wichita Falls dentist to get dentures, there are things you must be aware of. 

Your dentist can offer all the information you need about caring for your dentures and answer your questions. But before you decide to get dentures, below are general things you must know:

Dentures are For Adults

Some people have second thoughts about getting dentures due to the stigma around these dental appliances. They think that dentures are only made for the elderly. But the truth is that adults of all ages can lose teeth for a lot of reasons. Dental appliances are a treatment option to replace missing teeth and any adults can wear them. 

They May Just Replace Some Teeth

If you have lost all your teeth, you can get a set of full dentures. But partial dentures are also available to replace some missing teeth. Your healthy teeth can still be in your mouth and partial dentures will fill in the gaps created by your missing teeth. Partial dentures come with metal components that support your false teeth and clip onto your remaining teeth. Typically, full dentures are made of non-metal materials. 

You Need to Get Used to Wearing Dentures

Adjusting to your new dentures takes time, particularly when chewing or eating. Initially, your mouth reacts to the presence of the dentures, increasing the production of saliva. So, you can expect to drool for a while once you get dentures. Also, you may feel the dentures moving when you chew. But you will be able to figure out the necessary adjustments, so you can eat comfortably with your dental appliance. It’s important to wear the dentures as instructed by your dentist, so your body becomes used to them.

Your Dentures May Require Occasional Repair or Replacement

Initially, your dentist will fit the dentures for your mouth. However, you will eventually go through changes to your jaw and gums. Because of these changes, your false teeth may not fit properly. When this happens, your dentist must adjust or realign the dentures to ensure they fit better. Otherwise, the dental appliance will slide around in the mouth or break after falling out. Over time, your dentures wear out and need to be replaced. This can happen every 7 years. 

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