Is It Necessary To Have Root Canal Treatments For Kids?


It is scary to find out you require a root canal. However, it may be pretty terrifying when you discover that your kid needs a root canal. There are some things you should be aware of if your kid needs root canal therapy. 

First of all, it is critical to remember that root canals are a common, safe, and simple surgery. Instead of making your kid feel traumatized, a root canal can alleviate their pain and discomfort. Pediatric dentistry in Burtonsville focuses on promoting a lifetime of good oral health habits and providing compassionate care to children in a supportive and nurturing environment. For more information, visit a pediatric dentist in Burtonsville, MD, to learn more about RCT. 

Is root canal treatment required for children?

The pulp, which is found inside teeth, can become infected and inflamed if a tooth is damaged. An abscess can develop in the tooth’s root if the infection is not resolved. The infection is excruciating and requires medical care to be treated. 

This infection inside the pulp of the tooth is cured by root canal therapy. Removing the infection while maintaining the tooth, gums, and supporting bones is the primary goal of a root canal procedure.

Two visits are required to finish the root canal process. The first one continues as follows:

  • A topical anesthetic or sedative is given to your child.
  • The infected tooth is isolated with a dental dam.
  • Using tiny dental tools, the tooth’s crown is opened, and the infected pulp is removed.
  • To get rid of germs, the infected area—including the roots—is washed, sterilized, and disinfected.
  • To protect the tooth, a temporary filling is inserted inside the crown.
  • Antibiotics can be used if the infection has progressed outside of the roots.

After your kid has had some time to recover, another appointment is set up. The following activities are part of the second appointment:

  • Take out the temporary filling.
  • The root passage is sealed and filled permanently.
  • A pediatric crown or permanent filling returns the tooth to its original form, function, and size.

When are root canals necessary for kids?

Root canal therapy is often needed for kids. In reality, injuries or severe tooth rot usually require root canal therapy for kids. For example, a hit to the face sustained while playing sports might harm a tooth and result in infection and inflammation. A root canal might be required to cure the disease if the tooth break penetrates the soft tissue within.

Children who eat inadequately and have bad oral hygiene might grow cavities. These cavities have a tendency to develop into severe dental infections that need to have a root canal if left untreated.

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