Mastering the K-pop Inspired Effortless Airport Look


World domination is indeed the next step for K-pop. What used to be popular back in their home turf is now heard on radios all over, even in the Western world. Even if people don’t understand the words, this doesn’t stop them from appreciating Korean pop. What makes it more appealing is the pop aspect–in clothes, makeup, and tune.

You may have seen a couple of airport looks from your favorite idols and wondered how they can look effortlessly perfect even in pajamas. Here are some tips to help you master the look:

Choose Comfort

For long flights, you want to be warm on the plane and you also don’t want anything preventing your blood circulation. This means tight jeans and high heels are not recommended. Your favorite idols would go for comfortable sweatpants and loose shirts, albeit theirs might be ten times the cost of your whole outfit. Still, if you’re comfortable with it, it gets the job done. Throw in your favorite sheet mask as well, so that you can have a hydrated skin when you get off the plane. This is one of the best things about K-beauty–skin care is not just about wearing makeup. It’s all about caring for your skin so that it gets that youthful glow.

Wear Waterproof Makeup

If you’re like most people, you want to save on your airfare. This means booking the cheapest flights even if they’re red-eye flights. If you plan to sleep on the plane, make sure you do so with makeup that will not betray you when you wake up. Your mascara should stay in place, and your eyeliner should definitely not be all over your face when you open your eyes and it’s time to leave. You won’t have time to freshen up until you get to the bathroom, and before then, people might have already seen the disaster. You can choose to go barefaced, but if you’re insecure of your skin, you can always go with a tinted moisturizer and some lip gloss. They should be enough to keep you looking fresh-faced throughout the flight.

Stay Hydrated

It might be a hassle for you to get up and go to the cramped airplane comfort room, but you shouldn’t avoid drinking water, especially on long flights. The change in altitude is enough to affect your skin, and with not much hydration, you will notice your skin will not look its best after the flight. On top of that, you will also feel the effects of dehydration. Avoid all of these by keeping your skin hydrated and letting it have its youthful, healthy glow. Eat something nutritious before the flight too, such as fresh fruits and yogurt, if your stomach can handle it.

Though we are not traveling much these days, it’s important that when we do, we’re still taking care of ourselves. Make sure you’re packed not only with your most comfortable outfit, but also with your favorite skincare products. When you get to your destination, you can still look your best, just like your favorite K-pop idols.

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