Hockey Twitter Bracket: Elite 8

By @yakovmironov

I think I speak for most people when I say that it’s nice to be nearing the end of this. It’s been a long process, but the idea of having closure this week is exciting.

The weekend saw the first of our #1 seeds fall, as Taylor Hall’s Boat Exam was upset by Taylor Hall playing Hangman with Jordan Eberle. While the Boat Exam is a personal favourite of mine, knowing that Hall is still well represented here makes the loss easier to deal with.

Some might feel robbed that Jamie Benn prevented us from having a Cox vs. Simmons dueling DM Fails matchup, but I’ve come around to appreciate that Elite 8 has more variety because of this. And after defeating Simmons, and Kypreos, there is no doubt that Benn’s tweet has had to fight hard to get to this point. Continue reading

Hockey Twitter Bracket: The Sweet Sixteen

By @yakovmironov

At this point I admit I’m experiencing a bit of bracket fatigue. We’ve done a lot of voting this week. We’ve seen a lot of favourites fall, and this morning is no exception.

Having Dan Tencer’s Rearview Mirror tweet leave the competition is surprising and should be a sign that Taylor Hall tweets are a force to be reckoned with.

Personally I will be mourning the loss of the LA Kings goaltending tweet and the Kessel’s having a good time in their car.

Onward we go, we are now in the Sweet Sixteen and given my desire to take a few days away from this, voting will be 72 hours on this round before we wrap up next week.  Continue reading

6-5: Why the ’87 Canada Cup Is the Greatest Hockey Tournament of All-Time

By @yakovmironov

Yo Tom, I’m really happy for your Summit Series posts, and I’ma let you finish, but the ’87 Canada Cup was the Greatest Hockey Tournament of all-time.

It’s probably worth noting right off the hop that I was born in 1980 and this tournament coincides with my earliest memories of enjoying hockey and that’s likely to bias me. That being said, I am completely right, and this is the greatest tournament of all-time, despite having it final games inexplicably being played in Hamilton. Continue reading