Hockey Twitter Bracket: Day One Results & Day Two Matchups

By @yakovmironov

Day one provided a lot of assurances that I can in fact seed a bracket, as it was a day completely absent of upsets.

That’s not to say that it wasn’t exciting, as Bobby Ryan’s Corsica tweet and the follow up “Just Win Baby” did battle into the 11th hour, before Corsica finally triumphed.

The closest thing we had to an upset was 9th seed, Manny’s Salad taking down Travis Yost’s take on Ribs (8th seed). The fact that it was done in such a dominating fashion and that there were more votes cast in this poll than any other certainly makes Manny’s Salad one to watch in the next round as it goes up against the top ranked tweet, Avs PDO.

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NBA Playoff Games I Would Love To See

By James Gleason (@Gleasonavenue)

We are still a bit far off from the start of the NBA Playoffs, and seeds could change in both the Eastern and Western Conferences. But if the playoffs did start today, there would be some interesting and some fun match-ups going on. The Bucks could return to the playoffs for the first time since 2013, the Wizards could be a strong contender for second in the east a year after one of the more disappointing seasons for that franchise. The Cavs look good to lock up another top seed in the east, even if they are not as strong recently as they have been before. The West has a few interesting possible match up as well, and the Utah Jazz might be the most intriguing team to watch down the stretch. Here are some playoff games i would not mind seeing myself.

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Hockey Twitter Bracket: Round One (Computer Boys & Sliding into Your DMs Regions)

By @yakovmironov

It’s the first day of Hockey Twitter March Madness and I’m hoping there’s still some excitement around this process. Crowning the ultimate hockey tweet is certainly something that seems like it will be worth a couple of minutes voting every day, and by the number of brackets people have sent me on twitter, there are clearly some strong favourites and some potential for upsets.

Of course you’ll be able to follow along with how each tweet is doing via my twitter account, but additionally you’ll find the updated bracket here every morning, along with the twitter polls for anyone who doesn’t want to read through my thoughts about the Leafs on twitter.

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Women’s Hockey funding: About damn time

By Catherine Silverman (@catmsilverman)

US Women’s Hockey is one of the most dominant organizations in American pro sports.

This isn’t an opinion. This is fact. There is actual, objective evidence to prove this.

The only teams that decimate the competition with a comparable level of regularity at the international level are men’s and women’s basketball, women’s soccer, and various individual events (we’re looking at you, Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky).

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The Hockey Twitter Bracket Challenge


Friend of the site, @RickNashtag, brought up a very good point this morning about how this bracket has the potential to do some good. He also volunteered to be a key player in doing that good by running a bracket challenge for us.

For a $5 paypal entry fee, you can submit your bracket via email to @RickNashtag and be entered in our contest.

The top 3 winners of the bracket challenge receive bragging rights and a hockey twitter related t-shirt. For $5 that’s pretty darn good if you ask me.  If it’s a $10 entry you also get to pick to pick the charity that receives the entrance fees.

From @RickNashtag:

Email and PayPal are both Id request that you send a scan of the bracket preferably but not a problem if they cant.. Submission should include PayPal name so I can keep track. All entries emailed by 10 am Monday.

Simple points system…1 point for each correct match up.

As for cash, At least a $5 buy in.

If you contribute $10 or more, you can pick the charity if you win.

I’ll send a “Hockey Twitter” related T shirt to the top 3 finishers.

I am thrilled that @RickNashtag is giving us a chance to do some good with this, and thank him for running the bracket challenge and generously donating his time and prizes to this. We haven’t even started yet, and I already feel that we are going to need to turn this into an annual thing.

Best of luck to all entrants.