Positive Changes an Oil Change Service Can Bring to Your Car


Running a car that you own is a pleasurable experience, but with time and constant usage, some damages are most likely to happen to your car. However, these damages are quite different from the damages that occur due to a collision or some incidents. So, that way, the former kind of damages are not that shocking, and moreover, one can also avoid these damages from taking place, just by following the maintenance instructions of its manufacturer, strictly. Changing the engine oil in the car is one such preventive method of saving your car from those damages, or at least slow down the process of wear and tear, suggested the team of auto technicians related to the department of Greenacres oil change service.

What the Engine Oil Does?

Changing of engine oil brings about some significantly positive effects on many aspects, but especially on the car performance. The engine oil, which is different from the engine fuel, is responsible for maintaining the level of lubrication in the engine compartment. Therefore, when the engine oil gets dried up due to excessive usage, get contaminated because of the exposure of the engine compartment to the outer atmosphere, and the soiled oil filter that is no longer being able to fend off the dust and debris that try to enter the engine oil compartment, and anywhere there is an easy access to the car mechanism.

With a new fresh lease of engine oil, the engine compartment gets a cleansing of its dust and debris, as it washed them from the surface of all the engine parts. On the other hand, for all these parts, this newly filled in fluid works as a barrier between them, preventing any friction from taking place, that has the tendency to heat up the engine. So, they start working with a refreshed energy, that reflects in the car performance almost instantaneously.

Prevent Damage in the Combustion Chamber

As mentioned above, the lack of lubrication in the engine compartment leads to unnecessary heating up of the engine combustion chamber. Once that happens, the engine parts will then automatically stop working their usual way. A contaminated, clogged up and dried engine oil will not only stop the car engine from working properly but will also start affecting the other systems like the exhaust system, the transmission chamber and also the oxygen sensor, and have a cumulative effect on the car performance, making it slower, groggy, and noisy.

Fuel Inefficiency

Once the engine oil is low on its quantity, got contaminated because the oil filter is not containing the external dust and debris anymore, the effect can be seen in the fuel efficiency of the car. At this stage, you will have to stop by the pump station more often than before. But once you give your car an engine oil servicing, it will thank you by gaining back its original fuel efficiency, merrily assured same group of mechanics who run the oil change service near Greenacres.