PRP Hair Restoration Specifics – Does the Treatment Offer What it Promises? 


Hair loss has always been a cause of concern for both men and women. The only difference now from the earlier decades is that very effective hair regeneration therapies have made life easier. One of the earliest and also the most effective hair restoration therapy that we will be talking about in this guide is the PRP treatment. Dive in to find out more! 

What Does PRP Stand For? 

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. Platelets present in human blood have natural regeneration and growth factors that can increase the formation of new hair strands faster than the rate with which the old ones are falling. 

One of the reasons that Clinique Anti Aging hair PRP treatment is so effective is that the platelets are not from a donor who’s a 90% or 95% match. The platelets used in PRP treatment are obtained from the blood of the patient. It means they’re 100% match and 0% artificial. Hence, the body doesn’t reject them. It eliminates the risk of any kind of side-effect. 

How is PRP Performed?

This is the one question that most people want an answer to. Let’s explain the “how”! 

The blood of the patient is drawn. That blood goes through the process known as centrifugation – the method to separate plasma from the rest of the components in the blood. The plasma that is full of platelets is injected inside the patch of the scalp that’s losing hair rapidly. The entire process lasts for no more than 30 minutes. Besides, it doesn’t require any special recovery downtime. 

Experienced dermatologists at reputable clinics usually combine the PRP treatment with interim sessions of RF microneedling or Lasers like the Erbium laser or vitamin injections. The reason behind this combination is that the hair follicles get more nourishment. More nourishment means better hair regeneration. To put it simply, it’s done to obtain better results. 

What happens next? 

For the first few sittings, nothing! Platelets are very effective, but regeneration takes time. Don’t expect to wake up the next day or next week to find thick lush hair. First signs of hair restoration are seen after about a month from the 1st sitting. It takes about 3-5 sittings (each 1 month apart from each other) to get the desired results. 

However, remember, the earlier you get the PRP treatment started, the better are the results. If you’ve gone completely bald already, PRP, or any other treatment, as a matter of fact, cannot help. Such therapies focus on strengthening hair follicles and protect them from falling. They cannot regrow extinct hair follicles. 

All in all, the quicker you act, the better are the chances of getting back to full growth. 

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