Simple ways to update your wardrobe this year


If social media, fashion magazines, and TV shows are anything to go by, there are millions of ways that you can update your wardrobe. This feels like a lot of pressure to constantly keep your clothes up to date with the latest trends which can feel like they are in season one day and out the next. So, what can you do? 

Going to stores frequently would not only be time-consuming, but expensive too, so this probably isn’t the most sustainable option. Plus, this doesn’t even factor in whether you even like these clothes or not! 

It’s so important to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable, so if you’re looking to freshen your wardrobe, but you’re uncertain of the best place to start you can relax. We are to help! 

Here are some simple ways to update your wardrobe this year! 

Incorporate Jewelry

A single piece of jewelry can transform any outfit from drab to fit – you simply need the right piece! If you’re looking for something unique and stylish that carries more meaning than just a simple brand name, why not try adding a Celtic Cross necklace to your wardrobe? 

These pieces come in a variety of unique designs so there is sure to be one to suit any taste and style. There are even popular unisex designs too! You can wear this to formal occasions, casual events or even as you go about your day to day – it’s up to you! Plus, simply wearing one of these items will make any outfit feel brand new. 

Invest in some Quality Neutrals

The issue with some high fashion items is that they aren’t very versatile, so you can’t wear them very often. What can end up happening to some people is that they end up with nothing to wear, as their wardrobe is full of ‘statement pieces’. Investing in some quality neutrals, or basics will mean you have items that you can work into almost any outfit for a variety of occasions. 

This could be a simple pair of well-fitting dark jeans (these are easier to dress up and dress down), a black crew neck sweater or a white t-shirt or button-down. Adding one or two of these times to your wardrobe will create a number of new outfits for you to try! 

Choose one or two Statement Pieces

These tend to be bolder, more fashionable items that you save for certain occasions – which is what makes them special. This could a nice jacket, a certain pair of shoes or even a bright shirt. These will add some flair to your clothing, which can freshen any wardrobe. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it – updating your wardrobe is so much easier than you think! Follow these tips and you’ll feel like you’ve got a new style in no time – happy shopping!


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