Taste and Smell of Your Buds: Maximized


Many growers are only concerned with maximizing yields, unaware that even the buds’ taste and smell can be maximized during the plants’ life. Let’s delve into a few ways you can maximize the taste and smell of the buds.


Growing marijuana is not an uphill task, but maximizing the yield, the bud’s potency, flavor, and the smell takes extra effort. Harvest time is as important as growing marijuana because you want to get the most out of your buds. How you then dry the buds determines the overall taste and smell of the buds.

Let us discuss further the approaches you can use to improve the taste and smell of the buds.

Ways to improve marijuana taste and smell

Maximize terpenes and terpenoids

Terpenes are chemicals contained in the marijuana bud. More terpenes mean increased taste and smell of the bud. Terpenoids are contained in each terpene and are also responsible for better tasting and smelling buds. Maximizing the terpenes and terpenoids in the buds will make marijuana smell better and stronger.

How do you increase terpenes content?

This process entails nutrient choice for the plant, light spectrum as well as physical manipulation. Here are the main ways of increasing terpene content levels.

  • Use of living soil
  • Use of low-stress training
  • Using nutrients to increase terpenes content
  • Using humidity, airflow, and temperature

Use of living soil

The growing of marijuana seeds USA with living soil yields plants with buds containing more terpenes.  The organic growing of marijuana delivers clean and fragrant buds. Vegan gardening is also a good option where plant-based nutrients free from any animal feed are utilized.

Use of low-stress training

Low-stress training is the physical manipulation of the plants’ branches and stems through a mesh or screen to expose more buds to light. Doing this not only increases terpenes but leads to increased yields.

Using nutrients to increase terpenes content

Using vegan or organic nutrients is the better option because organic compounds breakdown and leave no toxic residues. Backstrap molasses will produce carbohydrates, minerals, and amino acids, thereby improving terpenes production.

Using humidity, airflow, and temperature

Terpenes are volatile and therefore should not be exposed to high temperatures. The humidity level should be around 50% RH in the flowering stage and should be revised downwards to 30% in the last two weeks. Maintain proper moisture levels to prevent bud rot and boost trichomes production.

General success aspects

Light matters

Many marijuana growers believe that more light at the flowering stage leads to greater potency in taste and smell in them. The light should be supplemented with LED lights for indoor growers as they help the plant produce more terpenes.

Gentleness is key

Increased touching of the plants’ buds destroys terpenes, thereby spoiling the bud’s aroma.


When you buy marijuana seeds online, choose a strain already prone to a strong smell and taste. Otherwise, you may use the guidelines provided here to increase the bud’s terpenes, which will ensure a better smell and taste for your marijuana buds.

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