The Perks of Industrial Robots Automating


The next technical revolution is Industry 4.0 and it proceeds with the past three industrial revolutions of electronics, electricity, and water power. You can find instances all around you, as the companies have begun to implement smart manufacturing for their production. This results in the incorporation of robots in the factories with incredible accuracy, flexibility, and productivity.

Here are some of the advantages of automation with robots.

Decreased Costs of Production

A quick investment return outshines the initial costs for setup. Throughout the increase of speed with the industrial robots (หุ่น ยนต์ อุตสาหกรรม, which is the term in Thai) can impact the production directly. By 2025, about 22% of the labor costs are expected to come down.

Increased Productivity

A lean manufacturing line is important for accelerating efficiency. An automated robot can work at persistent sped sans halting for vacations or breaks. A business can transform its operations from 8 hours to 12 hours/day to 24×7.

Improved Reliability on Quality

All the robots that are manufactured are required to undergo stringent repeatability followed by a payload test, thus promising that the applications are performed with accuracy and repeatability. This ensures that the manufactured product is the same.

Better Utilization of Floor Space

By minimizing the work footprint of the work area with the help of automating parts of the production line, you can make fuller utilization of the floor space for other operations and make way for efficient process flow.

Better Quality

The accuracy of robots minimizes the quality defects, waste costs followed by rework. An individual working every day might encounter worker’s fatigue and more manufactured product rejects incorrectly. A robot rules out this issue, and makes way for lesser product waste,

Fetches More Customers

Automation helps offer the highest throughput with the minimum spending amount. With the schedule and cost reduction, your company can expand its client base. If you consider integrating an industrial robot into the production, you can accelerate the variety of the product that is offered.

Enhanced Safety: Industrial robots can enhance workplace safety by moving the workers out from hazardous and repetitive tasks. There are multiple safety options present in the market that will protect your workers when they interact with robots.

Understand your requirements before you employ industrial robots. Industrial robot automation helps and guarantees excellent results in terms of productivity. 

Robert Kirby

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