Tips To Optimize The Performance Of Your Evaporative Cooler


Arguably an evaporative cooler is the most efficient cooling method available. They are cost-effective and offer cleaner air quality than the air conditioning unit. However, that’s not where the difference between evaporative cooler and air conditioner ends. They keep the home cool through different methods and have additional features that make each one unique. An evaporative cooler reduces the temperature in your home through the use of cooling pads. When air passes through these cooling pads and into the room, the room’s temperature decreases. If you own an evaporative cooler, check out tips to optimize its performance.

Always Pick the Right Time

Temperature differs at varying times of the day. The evaporative cooler draws in air from outside, runs it through the cooling pads, and releases it into the room. Therefore, it depends strongly on the differences in temperature between the outdoor environment, cooling pads, and the water. The best time to turn on your evaporative cooler is at the warmest time of the day. This action will ensure you always get the best result from your evaporative cooler. A significant difference between evaporative cooler and air conditioner lies in humidity. Evaporative coolers won’t work when the humidity of the location gets higher than 50%. On the other hand, air conditioners work even in such high humidity.

Routinely Clean the Cooling Pads

The cooling pad is an integral part of the evaporative cooler. You need to ensure it is always working perfectly if you want cool air. Due to this, you need to clean the cooling pads and ensure it stays intact routinely. If you also notice that your cooling pads are damaged, then get them replaced as soon as possible.

Keep the Whole Unit Free of Dirt

If you notice your evaporative cooler’s performance decreasing, it might be needing some cleaning. The cooling pads are not the only things that keep an evaporative cooler running. You also need to check the water tank and many other parts of the cooler to keep functioning. Ensure you clean the evaporative cooler before turning it on and once you’re done using it for the season.

Sustain the Appropriate Water Level

Another difference between an evaporative cooler and an air conditioner is that the former uses water to keep the air cool. If you want an efficient performance from your cooling pads, you need to ensure they’re not wet or completely dry. Always check your tank’s water level and ensure it has more than three inches of water. The user manual that comes with the evaporative cooler will give you a better idea of the water level.

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