Top 5 Ways That You May Be Damaging Your Stand Up Paddle Board


Did you know that most people damage their stand up paddle board without even realizing it? Paddle boards are expensive and it is heartbreaking when you are ruining your paddle board without even knowing it. Using your board on shallow waters can affect the integrity of your board. However, there are other threats outside the waters that can cause serious damage to the board. Here are ways that you could damage your stand up paddle board. 

Leaving the SUP in the Sun

This is one of the most common and easiest ways of ruining your stand up paddle board unintentionally. Leaving the SUP in the sun for long hours during hot summer days may overheat the board and cause delamination of the epoxy or fiberglass SUPs and even bust the seams of your inflatable sup boards

This is why you should not leave your paddle board baking in the sun while on land or strapped on the roof rack of your vehicle for long hours. Ensure that you find a shady spot for strong your SUP until you need to use it again. You can also use a paddle board cover or a paddle board bag to block the UV rays from the sun. 

Not Cleaning your Paddle Board After Use

After paddle boarding, you should always rinse the board with fresh water and dry it with a towel. This is important especially after paddling in the ocean since saltwater will dry out and eat away the materials on the SUP. Furthermore, mold will grow on the paddle board if you store it while still wet. Routine deep cleaning every month will ensure that your blow up paddle board maintains its brand new shine and look. 

Incorrectly Storing Your SUP 

Incorrect storage of your stand up paddle board can damage the inflatable, epoxy, or fiberglass SUP. You should always store the paddle board in an insulated areas such as a shed, garage, or in the house. You should never store the paddle board close to the water boiler or heater because it will delaminate the rigid SUP or even burst the seams of the iSUP.  Under the bed or the bedroom closet are some of the best places to store sup boards

Transporting Your Paddle Board Wrongly

One of the biggest ways that people damage their paddle board is during transportation. Incorrectly strapping the board on the roof rack of your vehicle may cause it to fall off the roof when driving. This will severely damage your SUP and will create a perilous hazard to other road drivers. Ensure that you strap the board properly on the car’s roof and use a paddle board bag to protect your paddle board. 

Paddling in Shallow Waters

Paddling in shallow waters will damage your SUP, particularly epoxy SUPs. Rocks and other protruding elements can easily damage your paddle board. You should always confirm the water levels before going to a new SUP spot to make sure that the water levels are not too low. Avoiding shallow waters is the best way of preventing your paddle board from being damaged. 

Protecting your blow up paddle board is easy if your adhere to the above-mentioned best practices. You not require lots of effort and time to give your paddle board a happy and long life. Ensure you you’re your paddle board routine cleaning and care to prevent damage and give it a long life.