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What could be more joyful than being given a child? Don’t you believe the announcement of one of life’s greatest blessings should be something spectacular as well? We’re sure you do! Using a personalized baby announcement to announce your bundle of joy to the world may be a beautiful and memorable experience.

Birth announcement cards are cards that you send to your family and friends to announce the birth of your child (or multiples). A birth announcement is a wonderful way to inform your friends and family about your new baby. It’s also a simple way to communicate images and critical information about your newborn with family and friends, and a photo baby announcement is guaranteed to please! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, so have your young one grin when they introduce themselves to your friends and family.

Because the spotlight will be on your baby’s big blue (or brown, green, or grey) eyes, including a picture in your newborn baby card enables us to keep your birth announcement text short and sweet. Try looking at our baby announcement text ideas below if you’ve chosen your favorite baby image for your birth announcements but aren’t sure what to write. They usually include a newborn photo as well as important birth announcement details such as:

  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Length of Weight (in inches)
  • Date and location a child was born (optional)
  • Names of the parent or parents

Here Are Some Great birth Announcement Ideas To Get You Started!

Announcements of Birth

(Baby’s name) Welcome to the world!

Meet our new love interest (baby name)

Finally, the wait is over! We’re ecstatic to welcome (baby name)!

On (baby’s name), we were blessed with the arrival of (baby’s name) (birthdate)

It’s been confirmed! (Baby name) has arrived! (He/She) has arrived!

Miracles do exist!

In town, there’s a new handsome/beautiful guy/girl.

Ideas for a Baby Boy Announcement

Hey! It’s a little guy!

Our baby boy has arrived!

Please give Hello World a warm welcome to the new king of the house! This is it (baby name)

Good day, handsome!

Oh, my goodness! Meet up with (baby name).

We’d like to introduce you to our bouncing newborn son (baby name).

Our baby arrived in a blue outfit! Please accept my greetings (baby name).

Twins, triplets, and multiple baby boy birth announcements

A white pen and a twin baby announcement card are displayed among flowers.

Create Blue Baby Double Blessing a brand-new twin Announcements of Newborns 

There’s double the love, twice the happiness.

We are “two” excited to share this news with you (baby names).

Two times the love—and twice as many dirty diapers!

It’s said that the best things come in threes.

We just asked for one miracle, but we received four! Please accept my greetings (baby names).

These are some great ideas for birth announcement such as baby boy birth announcements.

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