Virtual Speed Dating – Pro’s & Con’s


Virtual speed dating by Naturally Dating ( is a formal matchmaking process with the aim of encouraging suitable singles to meet potential partners through virtual mediums like phones, tablets or laptops wherever you are.

Pros of Virtual Speed Dating

  • Time. Virtual speed dating saves you time that you could have used to attend a physical speed dating session. Attending a traditional speed dating session would mean prior planning and even cancelling some things, including skipping dinner for a take out. Virtual speed dating will enable you to attend the sessions as you make dinner or, better still, sending and replying to emails.
  • Safe. Due to the Convid19 Pandemic, social distancing has become a protective measure to keep everyone safe. The pandemic doesn’t mean searching for love and life partners should come to a halt. Virtual speed dating enables singles to find potential partners at the comfort of their homes or where they are. Also, virtual speed dating will save you from potential harm from the event or, even worst, from one of the participants of the events.
  • Cost-effective. Virtual speed dating saves you money in so many ways. Attending a traditional speed dating session will incur costs like a taxi, maybe a new suit or dress. Virtual speed dating will not necessarily require you to dress up or even spend on gas to attend the session.
  • Good sailing. Starting conversations can feel awkward and uncomfortable, but with virtual speed dating, there are hosts who stir up the conversation making it easier for the participants to sail through and have a solid discussion.
  • It’s easy. Most of the virtual speed dating companies have websites and others applications that can be easily downloaded on phones. So setting up for a virtual speed date becomes easy as long as you have stable internet. Also, the hosts assist their customers to even create private virtual booths within the main session.

Cons of virtual speed dating

  • Limited time. Virtual speed dating will require people to spend at most seven minutes with each other. This is a very limited time with considerations such as may be internet buffering or power outage.
  • Limited social essence. Unlike a traditional speed dating session where people can move, greet and laugh with each other, virtual speed dating, all that is not there and it can turn out boring and monotonous. Humans relate better where there is physical touch.
  • Low concentration levels. Having a virtual speed dating session means that the hosts have no control over the surrounding of their customers. This might lead to many distractions like visits from unplanned visitors, noise from constructions around, children playing around or even an interesting advert on the television. All these are distractions that can lead to unsuccessful virtual speed dating.
  • Lack of body language. Body language is an effective way to interpret human behavior. In speed dating, the people you meet most probably is the first encounter with them. For such meetings, people will depend more on body language over spoken words. In virtual speed, dating body language will not be an advantage because probably your presence will not have a big impact on them. This is because of the meeting in over a medium.