Watch Magic, a Smart Watch with Understated Appearance and Powerful Strength


HONOR’s Watch Magic has a simple appearance. But this does not affect its position in smart watches. Under its low-key appearance, its strength is strong. What aspects should consumers consider when they buy Smart Watch in UK? Can this HONOR smart watch satisfy consumers?

The competitive advantages of this smart watch are reflected in its one-week long endurance. It has three major satellite positioning systems. It has a body with a thickness of only 9.8 mm. In addition, it supports heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and other functions.

Watch Magic, with the blessing of Trusleep scientific sleep monitoring technology, can monitor the wearer’s sleep quality throughout the process. It can ensure more scientific sleep monitoring. Combined with AI technology developed by HONOR, it can help solve users’ sleep problems. It can provide detailed improvement suggestions to improve sleep quality.

This smart watch can provide daily activity monitoring data. These functions are practical for office workers. They can help users understand their physical condition in a fast-paced life.

The positioning of the three major satellite systems is one of the highlights of this watch. It is combined with accurate trajectory optimization algorithm. It can realize one-to-one trajectory optimization for complex scenes. The effect displayed by it is practical for daily travel.

Heart rate, pressure and sleep quality are monitored 24 hours a day in real time. Wrist optical heart rate sensor obtains information of each heart rate change. When you are asleep, it is monitoring your health. It can remind you when your heart rate is high or low. It can remind users to adjust their state to relieve pressure.

HONOR watches have nine sports modes. They are walking, running, indoor running, riding, cycling, mountaineering, swimming pool, open water and free training. HONOR watches are comprehensive in recording functions. They can be viewed on the “Sports Health” APP.

The chip used in this watch is a chip developed by HUAWEI. For this watch, a dual-core architecture is adopted. High-performance and energy-efficient dual chips are combined to work together. It meets the requirements of high performance. And it controls the energy consumption. It optimizes the power saving algorithm and identifies the state. It distributes the energy consumption, and can last for one week.

The light and thin design of HONOR watch brings more comfortable wearing experience to users. It can meet the needs of users for outdoor sports.

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