What Are the Feng Shui Tips for the Condos?


Condominiums and apartments should have some unique traits. It is evaluated and concluded that the standard of the single-family dwelling is quite different from the condos. One needs to consider some important specific things to the dwelling within the larger structures, or the condominium design itself.

Establishing The Orientation

It is necessary to establish the correct orientation of the condo. It gives a quick insight into the space personality. It is one of the first information required to make all the calculations relating to the direction. As an astrologer needs to know the location where you were born, a feng shui condo ( วง จุ้ย คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) analyst requires the defined information relating to the orientation.

Make a comparison to the old days when the personal dwellings use to be very simple and straightforward. The houses use to face the road. However, in modern architecture, the entrance is the orientation indicator that reveals the facing of the apartment. It is only the view that is considered while determining the entrance of the apartment. In case if the apartment does not have an expansive view, one view from a particular side of the apartment is taken and considered to be facing side. The balcony side of the apartment brings in more light.

Yin-Yang Theory helps in to know which side should be facing one of the homes for both the houses and apartments. At the same time, the lighter part with more or only view is considered to be the facing or yang side. Often the apartment building or the condominium complex has units on all the four exterior sides, outward-facing along with the balcony. Hence, there are possibilities of four different types of orientation for all units of one building, whereas each one of them affords their own particular view. If you’d like to check out more condominium interior design ideas or services, check out https://www.spacefactor.com.sg/design/condo-interior-design/.

Now, making use of appealing items such as wind chimes or the decorative fountains inside the house helps to provide additional beauty to the entire space. The color of the walls and the art placed are considered to be the major influencing force of any home. The wall arts should be bright and welcoming as it drives in positive energy. Avoid any such artwork which reflects anger or any sort of harsh emotions.

So, with the help of careful thought, one can successfully apply all the principles of Feng shui to improve the positive energy flow inside the home.

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