What Does it Mean to be a Compliance Officer Today?


With the prevalence of misconduct related to the illegal use of mobile channels, regulators and corporate executives demand tighter control over internal communications. They encourage companies to employ mobile call monitoring tools to implement stricter data archiving solutions. 

However, communication compliance professionals are concerned with the emergence of new laws and regulations that might affect their current practices. One example is the newest and revised MiFID II call recording rules, requiring organizations to capture mobile calls to the highest standard. 

Therefore, compliance officers challenge their technological capacities and aim to improve their chain of command. Some of these regulations have overlapping privacy-archiving mandates, making it challenging for regulators to delegate this job to someone with expertise and experience. 

Geopolitics and Compliance

The geopolitical situation in the market is an essential factor to consider when enforcing communication policies. Given the formation of new alliances and ongoing trade of wars, compliance officers must be informed about their partner’s business practices and operations. 

Governments have several reasons for implementing new laws that may favor one party over another. Regardless of the government’s motivation, compliance officers should assess the associated risks and conduct due diligence on the communication protocols. 

Internal Risks

Apart from external factors, compliance officers face significant challenges within their organizations. The traditional workforce comprises individuals from different generations and ethnic backgrounds. These factors lead to cross-cultural issues, impacting the effectiveness of business communications. 

One example a compliance officer must address is the changing preferences of new employees, who favor texting over traditional email. This shift brings influences and changes, particularly in the language used when discussing business matters. Some employees need help understanding complex text messages, which usually stem from phone calls, chats, and emails. 

Modern communication compliance officers must establish essential policies to govern and monitor the use of mobile channels in the workplace. Investing in appropriate solutions that allow real-time monitoring of voice calls, text messages, emails, chats, and other mobile content is advisable. 

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