What makes the 2023 GMC Canyon Competent?

What makes the 2023 GMC Canyon Competent?

The powertrain of the 2023 GMCF Canyon makes this pickup competent. It is one of the most enjoyable rides experience you will have whether driving. To understand its competency simply go through its engine details and then start understanding its level of competency. After knowing about it, you can visit Wilkesboro Chevrolet GMC dealer.

Powertrain of this truck

Each Canyon model utilizes a turbocharged 310 horsepower to move this vehicle from one place to another. It also creates 430 lb-ft of torque and this engine is paired with an automatic 8-speed transmission with RWD setup in place. Nevertheless,4-wheel drive is optional. These numbers portray how much competent this truck is and why experts consider it to be a great pickup.

A firm braking system, weighted steering, etc. ensures that people get the best driving experience when inside the cabin of this truck.  Also, it can reach 0-60 mph in 6 seconds; such numbers are hard to come by in a truck and thus, these are the few things that make it a competent pickup truck in this segment.

Other details

Max this truck can tow is 7,700 pounds after it is installed properly with packages. Also, it offers 18 mpg in cities and 23 mpg on highways. Also, GMC decide to spruce this truck up simply by adding numerous features that would surprise anyone who comes across it. Some of the things are underbody cameras, a complete redesign of this pickup’s cabin, a head-up display and more.

Also, a modern-day gauge cluster is installed and the entire change has enabled more spaces and cubbies to offer ample space for cargo. Bose stereo is available but it is for optional higher-end trims. However, to know more, simply visit Wilkesboro Chevrolet GMC dealership.


Let’s start pricing with Elevation, which costs $38,395. The others in this lineup include AT4 available at $45,395, 4WD Denali costs $52,495, AT4X costs $56,995 and lastly, AT4X Edition 1 is priced at $$68k.

New things in the 2023 model

This generation Canyon has seen quite a lot of changes and thus, it offers a lot of things to know about. AT4X is a new addition to the Canyon lineup. Also, it has more ground clearance and mud-terrain 33-inch tires. Also, there are extra cameras, light bars, bumpers, bead-lock-capable 17-inch wheels, etc. are some of the things that have been newly added to this truck.

Powertrain, pricing, new additions, interior, and more make the 2023 GMC Canyon a competent pickup truck that you should buy. New safety features along with a powerful engine are what you need to ensure that a pickup truck is competent. Also, this truck offers ample towing making it better than the rest available in this segment.

If you are looking to purchase a pickup truck, then visiting GMC dealerships to check out Canyon is a must. It will offer you services that no other truck can provide in recent times. So, hurry and visit a dealership near you for the perfect and competent Canyon.

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