What’s Inventory Financing and How Does it Help Retailers?


Retail market is one of the most competitive and unforgiving market sectors where a single mistake can choke the life out of your business. The leading concern that retailers face is cash crunch. Constant cash flow is necessary to keep the inventory in order so that the supply chain isn’t disrupted. 

Now, if you’re a big retailer, you won’t face problems in arranging funds and loans that banks will happily approve. But, if yours is a growing business that’s still medium sized or small, banks will usually not approve the loan and even if they will, it will take months. And to be honest, clients won’t wait for you for months until the bank can sanction a loan no matter how good your market reputation is. They’ll move to another retailer who can manage their orders in time. 

So, clearly, it’s not just cash that’s needed, it’s immediate cash that’s needed to survive. And such financial assistance can be provided by investment firms like Accord Financial

Accord offers asset based financing solutions. And since inventory is also an asset, they approve funds on the basis of the size of your inventory, your progress rate, and also your business plans. The Accord inventory financing solution offers a couple of stunning benefits – listed below – that you should be aware of. Have a look! 

  1. They Sponsor Retailers of All Sizes

Whether you’re growing, have just started, have been around for as long as 2 years, or are a startup in the need of financial assistance, you can apply for asset based loans at Accord.

Besides, they offer such loans to all kinds of retailers. Some of the retail sectors that they constantly fund are listed below.

  • Clothing & textiles
  • Consumer electronics & appliance
  • Home centers & hardware
  • Home furnishings
  • Cosmetics
  • Beauty supply & perfume
  • Furniture
  • Internet retail 
  • Jewelry
  • Pet & pet supplies
  • Shoes

Now, most likely you’ll be in this list, but even if you’re a retailer who isn’t in this list, they’ll still finance you. All you need to do is contact them and fetch the details to proceed. 

  1. They Approve Funds of All Sizes

Whether it’s 1 million dollars you want or 20 million dollars, they’ll sanction everything in between depending upon the evaluation of your inventory (assets).  

What’s even better? Well:

  • You’ll be given funds even if your credit history isn’t that impressive. 
  • You’ll be given funds with no minimum term if that’s what you want. 

All in all, they’ll provide funds when you need them the most without giving you a hard time.