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100% love is a romantic Telugu movie. Released on six May 2011, this movie is directed by Sukumar. The producer of this movie is Bunny Vasu. Music given by Devi Sri Prasad and cinematography by Venkat Prasad Cast members of this Telugu movie is Naga Chaitanya, TamannaBhatiya, KR Vijaya, Vijay Kumar, MS Narayan, NareshAnand, Tara Alisha, Chitram Seenu. This movie is streaming on aha, which is the platform for watching Telugu movies online, free of cost.


BaluMahendra (Naga Chaitanya) is an Engineering student who has never wandered from fixing his class since adolescence. He is just about as focused as Hitler, slyly canny as well, and nearly detests any individual who isn’t excessively acceptable. Mahalaxmi (Tamannah), his cousin, comes into their home to proceed with her examinations. Mahalaxmi can’t find the subjects Balu causes her, and it isn’t some time before the two of them are battling for good grades in school. They defeat circumstances at school, getting pulled into one another with some bubbly science. When they are on the skirt of communicating their affection to one another, a minor distinction opens up their negative side, and the two of them go on an inner self ride, how the two of them conquer their self-image and express their affection for one another structures the remainder of the story.

The top half is breezy and pacy. The scenes are well picturized, and the look is hip. The change of Mahalakshmi from a town beauty to a city young lady is fascinating. The scenes and discourses are pretty relatable to the urban youth. Sukumar doesn’t leave a dull second in the top half.

In the second half, the film turns into a smidgen substantial on the enthusiastic front with the grandma- granddad point and the developing distance between the heroes. Chief Sukumar figures out how to make 100% Love Telugu film a reviving content. He has set up Naga Chaitanya as a genuine sentimental legend and has stepped his clout on an intriguing sentimental story amid family shows and feelings. Sukumar has written a contacting and connecting with the sensational arrangement, which can be credited to the awesome screenplay. 100% Love film audit has weaved magic on the screen for certain shaking sentimental scenes, strong minutes, wonderful casings, and certified exhibitions.

Romantic film is the most adored genre in Indian film, and in Telugu film, romantic motion pictures are presented with action and comedy. The Telugu movie industry is doing great work in producing movies with romantic themes. These movies are not only just great in storyline and plot but also in direction and other areas as well. Some movies are low budgets, but despite this, they have gained a huge audience interested in watching romantic movies. With great efforts, the Telugu movie industry is firmly challenging other film industries to make such beautiful creations and present them in the right manner. There are many more romantic movies online on aha app.