Your Earning Companion: Affiliate Marketing


If you have many blogs and are reviewing all day, you will earn much more money since you are doing it in a more professional way and with a cheaper intention. If you sell services you could earn a very important percentage, in the case of Amazon normally you earn between 7% and 10% of the sales that are made.

You have to look at important things, such as cookies, everything that person buys on Amazon during the 24 hours after entering from your link, will also enter your earnings. Virtually all companies have affiliate plans. We recommend that you look for the brands that best suit your sector and see if it has an affiliate program. You can also search for affiliate marketing in Alicante.

Top tips for getting into affiliate marketing

It is very important that you specify a niche. So you can talk about the products that interest that audience the most. The more niche, the more authority you have on the topic you are talking about.

If, on the other hand, you want to talk about everything a little, it is very difficult for the audience to be recurring and recognize you as an expert on these products. They will see you as someone who just wants to sell. Don’t forget niche.This is where a professional content marketing firm can help you create niche content, you can find more at

We recommend that you use this plan with the products that you have already tried and that are really useful and of quality. It is always better to sell something based on knowledge since your audience will trust you more, that is, you will have more authority.

Blogs and YouTube channel is the best thing to do when it comes to selling affiliate products. Work on SEO on your blog, create quality content and help make it more visible with photos and videos. You can also visit and get the options for learning the whole affiliate marketing process with the use of the Evergreen Wealth Formula.


Reviews work very well, as do product comparisons

Inform that the links you put are from affiliates and that it will not entail any cost, it only benefits you all, as we have already explained before in the advantages. You all win. Explain it with two little lines so your audience knows how it works.

Products that are more expensive are always more profitable. By having a high price your percentage is higher. For a single sale you can earn about € 200 or € 300. Consider promoting expensive products. If you make several sales a month, your pocket will notice a lot.

Invest money, create a sales strategy. Advertise and send traffic to that post so that your target audience can see what you are promoting. This is interesting for people who treat it like a business. If you want to win you have to invest.

Do not try to sell

Your audience doesn’t like that you’re trying to sell them something all the time. You can do it at certain times, but not every day at all hours. If you dedicate yourself to other things, this is not your priority.

Now it’s your turn to launch affiliate marketing

Now that you know a little better how this affiliate marketing works, the time has come to ask yourself what direction you are going to take your business.