2017 NHL Entry Draft Profile: Don’t be dumb, just draft Kailer Yamamoto

By Tom Hunter (@PuckDontLie)

It’s as if hockey scouts have learned nothing from Tyler Johnson, Johnny Gaudreau and Viktor Arvidsson. As much as we’d like to believe that NHL teams have moved past the size bias that often dominates the draft – the evidence would suggest otherwise. Johnson went undrafted, Arvidsson and Gaudreau were selected in the fourth round – all have led their NHL team in scoring at least once in the past three seasons.

“But scouts are learning” – are they? Ten months ago, one of the most prolific goal scorers in junior hockey history wasn’t drafted until the second round. Alex DeBrincat fell to Chicago at 39th overall for one reason – he’s 5’7.

That brings us to Kailer Yamamoto.

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Old Man River

By James Gleason (@Gleasonavenue)

It was a mid warm spring in 2014, the NBA season was over and for the first time since 2007 the Toronto Raptors were in the NBA Playoffs. It was a year of surprise and promise, Kyle Lowry was becoming the leader and heart of the Raptors we all know now and Demar Derozan was just starting to show that he can be the guy for Toronto when they needed him. Everything was going the Raptors way,  and so I made my way to Maple Leaf Square, full of excitement and really not knowing what would happen. These Raptors have never been in the post-season, these Raps were not around when guys like Richard Jefferson and Dwight Howard were making it look like summer league against the Raps. That was a rough and uneasy time, because that team was suppose to be pretty good. A team with just getting really good Chris Bosh, tag teamed with suppose to be monster Jermaine O’neal was looked to be a dangerous team that choked when it got tough. So when they got almost swept by the Magic and a  monster of a man Dwight Howard, it turned into years of futility and uneasiness. Chris Bosh eventually left town in 2010-2011, Jermaine O’neal eventually led down the old player trying to keep his career afloat road, playing for teams like Miami, Pheonix, and eventually Boston where he would retire. It felt like a century when the Raptors returned in 2014, so you can see the buzz around the city and you can see that as much as the leafs took control of the Square then, as soon as the Raptors gave us a promising product on the floor, the rabid fan-base people know now started to appear. The Raptors first playoff appearance in 6 years deserved a family of fans to watch outside the ACC to support this new yet recognizable feeling.

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By James Gleason  (@Gleasonavenue)

The NBA is a pretty star driven league, and has been for a good while. Yes there are 5 players on the court all with some level of amazing nba talent, but few teams have real star studded, no doubters superstars players on their teams that they can lean on. Players that can carry a team of role players and 10 day contracts to the top or near the top of their respective conferences. The Cavs have Lebron, the Pacers have Paul George ( though for how long who knows) The Spurs have Kawhi Leonard, the Celtics have Isiah Thomas and the OKC Thunder have this machine of destruction called Russel Westbrook. A man on a mission to prove doubters wrong and, although he won’t admit it, is on a revenge tour of the decade after his teammate Kevin Durant left him in the dust to join the megazord known as the Golden State Warriors. If this is what pissed of Russ looks like it is a  damn exciting thing to watch, even if his team struggles in the meantime.

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The Bloggers’ Tribune Debate Club: The NHL and the Olympics

Do you ever find yourself sitting around thinking “I wonder how @YakovMironov feels about that”?

I know I do. 

Well now is your chance to find out. Welcome to the first meeting of the Bloggers’ Tribune Debate Club. We’ve assembled a group of bright minds (and Tom) to discuss this week’s news that the NHL has decided to forgo the Olympics next year.

This is not a round table – stop it…it’s not.

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By @yakovmironov

No need to dress this one up too much. We’ve got ourselves a classic Kessel vs. Simmons matchup. It couldn’t have been scripted any better. (Actually it would have been better if my favourite tweets made it further.)

Anyway, here we are closing down what has been the most work I’ve put into hockey since I decided to blog less and troll more.

I’d like to thank everyone who submitted tweets for the initial field of 64. I’d especially like to thank everyone who submitted tweets after the bracket had already started and would get upset with me for not adding them.

I’d like to thank everyone who shared the polls, but I’d also like to thank everyone who accused me of making their favourite tweet lose.

It’s been a fun journey and it will be back next year. NOW VOTE… Continue reading